We interview actors!

Year 7 Novaschool Sunland International students welcomed 3 accomplished actors to their virtual classroom!

Joe, Sammie and Becky from La Tourné Teatro, a theatre company that specialises in Native English productions, joined the online English class where they were interviewed by Sunland International Students.

The students have been studying “Macbeth” and writing their own scripts, so they were delighted to ask the actors about the tips and tricks of the trade. La Tourné Teatro performed last year in Cartama theatre for our students and they were due to return this year to both Sunland and Anoreta.

We missed seeing them on stage due to our current circumstances, but cannot wait to see them next time.

Miss Katharine Sutton asked the students to send a feedback to her about their thoughts after this experience, and you can read them by clicking here.

We made sure we gave them a big round of virtual applause to thank them for their time, their inspirational answers and insight into acting.

You can view part of the video through our Facebook page clicking here.


Year 4 Activities

In Year 4H English, students have been learning how to write a List Poem.

All of the students contributed to a list poem that Miss Helen collated together at the end. It contains a sentence from each student which summarises their thoughts and feelings and also what treasure means to them individually. What an amazing poem- well done students in 4H!

They also tried to write a whole poem by themselves, and here you can find some examples of their creativity and effort:



We couldn’t celebrate France Day or Italy Day together in school, so Y4H decided to do it through Art!

Here are some magnificent examples!


At the end of April, it was St George’s Day. We read the story of George and the Dragon and we drew powerful dragon images.

In English, we enjoyed writing instructions. Here are the instructions for a delicious sandwich! Why don’t you try making it?



Sound of Sunland

Novaschool Sunland choir continues practicing online, and they cheer us on with a beautiful video

Ms. Baker, the music teacher from the British private school Novaschool Sunland has created a video with the voices of the choir members, with the song “See you again”. This activity has been carried out during the lockdown, and as we can see, the students didn’t lose the passion for the music and the desire to keep learning and practicing.

It’s beautiful, and we encourage you to watch the full video on our Facebook page clicking here.


Foundation online teaching

Foundation teachers of the british private school Novaschool Sunland plan the work of the students per week

Foundation teachers (Preschool and Reception’s) are planning the students work from home every week. They are trying to keep the students motivated at the same time that they learn what they have to: one different topic every week.

So teachers set the weekly goals, share the available resources, share their ideas, developing creativity from home, how to keep the students paying attention on the screen?

Classes usually start singing a beautiful song, then proceed with activity tabs, literacy and math content with the interactive whiteboard, and usually end with a game for the whole class, so the always make them want to come back!

All this is backed by an immense work generating content behind the screen.

As an example of teamwork, enthusiasm and the desire to get back to our routine, Miss Maddie (Preschool tutor) created a story whose protagonists were her students. You can click here to view it.

At the same time, Miss Molly (Reception tutor) created a video of the work of her students. You can view it through our Facebook account.

Connected by our hearts

Mr. Jorge, Spanish teacher at the british private school Novaschool Sunland, creates a video to encourage all the sunlanders and…..all the teachers have participated!

It is essential to feel that we are a team, in these circumstances and always. For this reason, our teaching team at Novaschool Sunland teach us how to “dance in the rain”, to dance in difficult times, because as the Principal Ms. Evans says at the end of the video: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning how to dance in the rain, so dance and be happy the sun will shine again soon over Novaschool Sunland“.


Tips for going out

From this Sunday 26th April, kids will be able to go outside

This Sunday, April 26th, many families woke up with the illusion of being able to spend time outside with the children.

Following the instructions of the Government, children that are under 14 years old may go out accompanied by an adult, from 9am to 9pm and for a maximum one hour; avoiding crowds, keeping a distance of two meters with other people, and being able to carry bicycles and/or toys with them.

At Novaschool Sunland we encourage our families to enjoy the outdoors, always respecting the mentioned instructions.

Cultural Week

Reading and art go hand in hand in this Cultural Week of the british private school Novaschool Sunland

Novaschool Sunland celebrates World Book Day by inviting parents and students to send the best reading pictures to us, choosing the best places to read at home.

Thus, the students and teachers of the school show us the most fun aspects of reading in images like these:

In addition, Year 5 students have created an online book through the Book Creator platform. It is a History book related to the Mayan civilization of America. They loved it!

During Spanish as Foreign Language lessons, students became artists! Click here to see some of their artwork.

Then, Year 2 students drew about what they are reading for art subject. It’s difficult to choose one, they all are original and brilliant!








On the other hand, Miss Jenny, the Secondary art teacher, gives us this beautiful artwork dedicated to the students and families of Novaschool Sunland:

Earth Day

Among the Ciencias de la Naturaleza activities of the Foreign Language department, Earth Day has been worked in a very special way

Gaylord Nelson, established this day to create common awareness to the problems of overpopulation, pollution, the conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth.

We have seen the video of the song “Es tiempo de cambiar” by Happenning. We have worked on the lyrics and even sung! Then, we worked vocabulary activities related to Earth Day through Quizlet and Gimkit platforms, and our students have made a drawing related to the Earth Day.

We really enjoyed it!


Foundation Poem

The Foundation teacher, Miss Emma, has written a beautiful poem thinking about that routine that we all want to go back to: 

A Normal Day

It’s 9am, a normal day

A day ready to learn and play

You run in smiling, a quick hello

Drop your bag, see the friends you know

It’s 9am, a normal day

A day ready to learn and play

You all sit nicely, sing the days of the week

Run outside, play hide and seek

It’s 9am, a normal day

A day ready to learn and play

We learn the letters, how to hold our pens

We learn to share, how to be good friends

It’s 9am, a normal day

A day ready to learn and play

We’ve learned so much in just two terms

To wash our hands, wash away the germs

It’s 9am, a normal day

A day ready to learn and play

You sit at home, a quick hello

Turn on the computer, see the friends you know

It’s 9am, a normal day

A day ready to learn and play

Beneath the clouds there’s a bright rainbow

Very soon we’ll see the friends we know

Creativity from home

Ms. Evans, Principal of Novaschool Sunland, posts videos at MyAgora+ platform to encourage students to develop their creativity from home

In her latest video, Ms. Evans explains how they can decorate cupcakes after baking them carefully with their families.

Our primary students loved the idea, and so they have shown us with the following pictures:


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