Art classes at Novaschool Sunland

Art and visual language are all around us everyday.

At Novaschool Sunland International we believe that art is a vital class in our curriculum, creativity is without any doubt a skill that can be learned and developed throughout the education and beyond.

These kind of practical classes engage students in ways that other subjects cannot; developing critical thinking, creative use of materials, embracing experimentation, not being afraid to make mistakes, all the time developing mental processs while increasing our students’ means of expression.

Through art young people can envision, experience and undestand the world on a different level. That is why art education plays a very important role as a enrichment subject, guiding and inspiring children’s mental development.

They have the opportunity to learn actively through creative and expressive activities.  Art lessons balance out more academic subjects and allow our students to recognise and appreciate different perspectives of world in which we live.

Developing and creating an original piece of Artwork involves many parts of the brain and builds deep cognitive connections.  Students learn to respond to the world around them, what they see and experience, each in their own individual way.  Creating art brings a great sense of achievement, students are motivated by developing their own ideas and in turn learn more about themselves, their own and other cultures.

At Novaschool Sunland International, students build upon their artistic skills every year, continuing to develop and refining their use of visual language,  their understanding of art history and visual communication. Here you a have a short list of some of the projects we did recently many of which were specifically designed to help students to respond life in the pandemic:

Seminar ‘Career Plan’

Students at Novaschool Sunland International attend a seminar focused on their future.

This morning our Sixth Form students attended the “Career Plan” seminar at Novaschool Sunland International Assembly Hall.

This event has been organised by our SEND team made up of three professionals with extensive experience: Gema Palma (Coordinator), José María del Río (psychologist) and Ana Mª Martín (educational counsellor).

Our CEO of Novaschool Educational Centres, Francisco Barrionuevo, has been the main speaker of the seminar. The purpose of his intervention was to provide first hand advice so that our students can find out which university career best suits their ambitions.


The components of our SEND team planned and made a speech with the aim of providing students with information about the university system and the labour market. In order for each student to achieve their goals, they must be supported and motivated – so that they have more alternatives at their disposal when choosing their career.

From Novaschool Sunland International of course we wish them a successful future and we do our best to prepare them according to our academic excellence. In fact, most of our ex-students are currently studying at prestigious universities located in Spain and abroad.

We are very proud of them and of the results they have achieved after finishing their studies here with us.

Now we all wish a luck to all the participants who have attended the seminar today!

Menus of the world project

At Novaschool Sunland International we believe it is essential for our students to be aware that they live in an international and multicultural environment. We are so used to living in this reality that we hardly notice the differences that characterise our school and how much it brings to us at both an academic and personal level.

Our educational group is characterised by being so varied and this is an element that benefits us, both professionally as a team and for our students. The diversity that singularises us is determined not only in terms of educational excellence, but also by the people who are part of this great family.

día de Fra

Within our small community there are many nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Respecting and knowing them is undoubtedly one of our objectives. For this reason we have decided to promote a slightly alternative initiative: to experience traditional cuisine from different countries.

Deep down, you can discover the world in many different ways and one of those is the culinary tradition. Therefore, during this school year we will ‘celebrate’ a country with a special typical menu every last Friday of the month. Throughout the day activities will be held about the culture and traditions of the same.

It’s like traveling all over the world without leaving Novaschool Sunland.

We really are an international school!

2020 Halloween Party at Novaschool Sunland

As every year, at Novaschool Sunland we have decided to celebrate Halloween with our students and teachers. Although this time we have not been able to share these moments with parents due to the current circumstances, we would like to thank all the school staff and families for their support and collaboration.

Throughout the morning, primary students participated in a parade in front of a jury made up of the older ones. Each class made its entrance accompanied by its tutors, dancing to music rhythm.

Our head of elementary school Mr. Spencer and our principal Miss Evans have been the organizers of this event. They’ve given prizes to the best costumes and we’ve had a great time together.

Our pupils’ happiness and smiles are the true essence of this little party. They are our greatest encouragement to move forward as a real team.

Field trip to ‘El Santo’ in Pizarra

As a part of our geography curriculum, our Y6 students are currently studying mountains. Therefore, we chose to incorporate a field trip to a local mountain. In order to take our studies outdoors and enrich the learning that’s been taking place in our classes.

Pizarra is located in the province of Málaga, in the heart of the Guadalhorce Valley. Close to the Sierra de Gibralmora, among rich citrus orchards.

The path of ‘El Santo’ is a walk in the middle of nature, which starts in the same village of Pizarra and passes through a pine forest. It has narrow passageways between rocks, a mountain range with the typical vegetation of the south of Spain. As well as wonderful views especially from the viewpoint, where you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Guadalhorce Valley and Sierra de las Nieves.

The children had a great time and had the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice in a familiar and safe environment, while enjoying the natural space that surrounds us.

Teaching outside at Novaschool Sunland

At Novaschool Sunland International we enjoy our ‘outdoor’ sessions in an incomparable natural environment


If there is one thing that characterises our school, in addition to its excellent educational programme, is that we have extensive facilities within a natural and a unique environment.

At Novaschool Sunland International we know that adapting to changes is fundamental to the academic development of our students, even more given the current circumstances. For many years we have been accustomed to outdoor teaching, with our students enjoying their classes in our gardens and paved areas, enjoying the wonderful weather and the outdoors activities.

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year, Novaschool Sunland International saw many new improvements, and without a doubt the one that has pleased teachers, students and families the most has been the creation of new spaces to hold classes outside.

Teaching outside at Novaschool Sunland International has not limits


We now have in total 7 new ‘patios’ and 2 outdoor areas to hold classes outside. Every time a teacher wants to make use of one of these areas, they only have to reserve that space, so that the educational team is perfectly coordinated, with the aim that all classes can enjoy at least one session a day outside.

For the choice of names we have been inspired by the great Spanish and British writers: Shakespeare (patio #1), Rowling (patio #2), Shelley (patio #3), Lorca (patio #4) Brontë (patio #5), Cervantes (area #6) and the Forest Classroom (area #7).


Our teachers are also enjoying these new areas because they can teach their lessons safely, always maintaining social distancing with the advantage for students of being able to breathe fresh air.

At Novaschool Sunland International we have introduced these improvements in our day-to-day life, taking the opportunity to implement new educational techniques; always counting on the continuous training of our teachers.

Both students and families are delighted by these new measures implemented from the beginning of the school year; our students are granted a safe learning environment and are certainly having more fun!

Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme

Interview with Rachel Evans, Principal of Novaschool Sunland International, in order to promote the success of the implementation of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, which makes us an international reference school and case study.

Throughout this interview, we can appreciate the magnitude of the work being carried out, not only at Novaschool Sunland International, but as well in the entire Novaschool Educational Group, in everything having to do with the introduction of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, thus becoming an international referent.

Novaschool Sunland International Principal, Rachel Evans, is a reference person within the educational ensemble in everything related to the Cambridge programs. This provides us all the necessary to adjust to the reality of each of our Novaschool centers with successful programs related to the establishment of dual English education.

Rachel Evans has vast experience in the educational sector, as well as consistent academic background. Graduated in Wales (UK) from Cardiff University, she got a bachelor’s degree with honors specializing in teaching English as a first language, literature and drama.

In constant professional and academic growth, she is also an Edexcel Assessment Associate for English, GCSE, a Cambridge International Examination verifier for IGCSE First Language English and IGCSE Drama too. Besides, she collaborated with Collins Publishing House in the United Kingdom and worked on two international books (IGCSE English and AS/ A Level English Literature). Lately she developed a NABSS training program and has been nominated as inspector of NABSS.


We interview actors!

Year 7 Novaschool Sunland International students welcomed 3 accomplished actors to their virtual classroom!

Joe, Sammie and Becky from La Tourné Teatro, a theatre company that specialises in Native English productions, joined the online English class where they were interviewed by Sunland International Students.

The students have been studying “Macbeth” and writing their own scripts, so they were delighted to ask the actors about the tips and tricks of the trade. La Tourné Teatro performed last year in Cartama theatre for our students and they were due to return this year to both Sunland and Anoreta.

We missed seeing them on stage due to our current circumstances, but cannot wait to see them next time.

Miss Katharine Sutton asked the students to send a feedback to her about their thoughts after this experience, and you can read them by clicking here.

We made sure we gave them a big round of virtual applause to thank them for their time, their inspirational answers and insight into acting.

You can view part of the video through our Facebook page clicking here.


Year 4 Activities

In Year 4H English, students have been learning how to write a List Poem.

All of the students contributed to a list poem that Miss Helen collated together at the end. It contains a sentence from each student which summarises their thoughts and feelings and also what treasure means to them individually. What an amazing poem- well done students in 4H!

They also tried to write a whole poem by themselves, and here you can find some examples of their creativity and effort:



We couldn’t celebrate France Day or Italy Day together in school, so Y4H decided to do it through Art!

Here are some magnificent examples!


At the end of April, it was St George’s Day. We read the story of George and the Dragon and we drew powerful dragon images.

In English, we enjoyed writing instructions. Here are the instructions for a delicious sandwich! Why don’t you try making it?



Sound of Sunland

Novaschool Sunland choir continues practicing online, and they cheer us on with a beautiful video

Ms. Baker, the music teacher from the British private school Novaschool Sunland has created a video with the voices of the choir members, with the song “See you again”. This activity has been carried out during the lockdown, and as we can see, the students didn’t lose the passion for the music and the desire to keep learning and practicing.

It’s beautiful, and we encourage you to watch the full video on our Facebook page clicking here.


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