Carnival 2021

At Novaschool Sunland International, we have always celebrated carnival with colour and music. On this special day, our students and teachers dress up with masks and costumes, making this day one of the most exciting and popular events in our school year.

Carnival is an Italian word meaning ‘carnevale’ which comes from the word ‘carne levare’ or ‘withdraw of meat’, a concept related to Lent.

Through the course of history, and across the globe, many different cultures and civilisations have dates dedicated to carnival-like celebrations. In Spain, sardines are traditionally buried at the end of festivities. In the past, they were burnt as fire was considered atonement for sins.

Each country has its own traditions… and every school celebrates it in its own manner!

Here at Novaschool Sunland, we decided to celebrate Carnival slightly differently this year. Given the current circumstances it is difficult to go to shops and buy costumes for the children. Therefore, each class was assigned a rainbow colour so that we can create a nice collage with all the photos and create a positive message in these difficult times.

We will show you the picture on our social networks very soon! 😉


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is popular all over the world as a holiday during which we celebrate expressions of affection among relatives and friends. That is why, many school children exchange valentines with one another on this day through greeting cards and gifts.

This ‘special day’ has its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia that was held in mid-February. At the end of the 5th century, the Pope replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it came to be celebrated as a day of romance since the 14th century.

Formal messages appeared around 1500 and by the late 1700s people started to use commercially printed cards. In fact, Valentines usually depict Cupid – the Roman god of love – along with hearths. Traditional gifts commonly include flowers – especially red roses and sweets.

At Novaschool Sunland International we like to do practical activities such as decorating the Primary classrooms with children. Traditionally, on Valentine’s Day children exchange personalised messages with each other, but this year we are celebrating it earlier as it falls on a Sunday.

💗 Happy Valentine’s Day 💗

Sketchbook Circle 2021

At Novaschool Sunland International we are aware of the importance of being creative in order to adapt to this changing world. One of our main aims is the wellbeing of our teachers, therefore, our projects don’t only involve students, but also staff.

Miss Jenny, our art teacher, has been  participating in a monthly sketchbook exchange with other art teachers since last year. It has proven to be a constant and calming practice, so that she set up a similar exchange among interested colleagues for the remainder of this academic year.

Anyone can join this project, because EVERYONE can draw! Making time for creating is something that many people, ‘arty’ or not, can enjoy and Benefit from – especially during these uncertain times.

Once teachers decide to join in, they commit to it until the end of term. Each month the amount of drawings will differ because anyone can make as much as he/she like. There are no rules about how to fill the pages.

Everyone can create a title page, put a stamp, make a collage, colour, paint, print, stitching etc. The most important thing is to keep the ‘conversation’ going. The process continues throughout the year, at the end of which everyone receives his/her own completed book back to keep.

Teachers should get a small sketchbook, A5 or A6, and start drawing. There is no specific theme but Miss Jenny suggested some prompts as for example moments of peace, coming home, collections, tools and utensils or whatever. At the end of the month all participants will pass their book onto another person.

In the absence of having an introduction workshop, Miss Jenny prepared a ‘welcome pack’ for each participant in order to give additional ideas and share encouragement. We also set up a WhatsApp group to share pictures and snippets of what we are making.

Let’s draw!

2021 Charity Calendar

Novaschool Sunland International has begun 2021 with something completely new: our charity calendar!

We are delighted to announce that our charity calendar is now available for sale through our online shop and costs 10 euros. The calendar is printed on satin A3 paper and includes photos of all our Secondary Year Groups. Each month has, in addition to the photos, motivating phrases and also free spaces so that you can write down special events, meetings etc.

This project begun because our students were looking for a way to help those who are suffering as a result of the current health crisis. Therefore, all the money raised will go to a local charity, Madre Concha, which supports all those people who are in need here in Cártama.

As in the previous term we were unable to organise trips or excursions; therefore, we took some time out of the day to dedicate ourselves to this project. During the months of October, November and December, alternative school days were organised to give our students the opportunity to take pictures on the school campus.

It was a very fun way to boost teamwork skills and foster creativity, while raising money for an important charity.

You can purchase the calendar through the following link:

Calendario Sunland/School Calendar – Novaschool Sunland Store


Back to school mural painting

A mural is an artistic way of spreading a feeling of positivity.

With today’s Covid-19 Protocols influencing school routine, where students cannot move around freely between classes we chose and area where all students pass on a daily basis to welcome them back to school. We wanted to use natural forms and calming colours to create a feeling joyfulness and positivity about being back at school.

The artist we used for inspiration was Ashley Mary, an American artist who creates murals in public places. The students particularly liked her work.

Students needed to re-establish their confidence when working with practical materials.What is more, developing a good atmosphere in the group as sharing and talking about their artwork is a big part of the IGCSE Art subject.

It’s hard for students to understand how Art is marked and graded so by using the process in a project that was less individual they could better understand how to use them in their own work. Working as a group, following teacher guidance, students worked through the creative process and  the assessment objectives by which their IGCSE is evaluated.

They studied the artist’s work and selected the shapes, colours and compositions from her work that would fit best with our school. They also looked at natural forms and shapes found around our school that we could include.

We wanted a rainbow as it is a symbol that has been used a lot during the pandemic, also the crescent sun on the Sunland logo and shapes of leaves that we see around our school. The wall is near the swimming pool so we wanted to include elements of water such as a fish which is also a creature associated with calm.

Y11 students painted it in a one day workshop. In pairs they made a design on a small piece of paper. Later they joined with another pair and combined their designs to work as a group of 4. Then they divided the wall area between two groups of 4 to make large sketches on the surface to plan out our area.

The result is extremely beautiful. Great job guys!

Participants: Claudia San Emeterio, Claudia Solano, Carla Ortiz, Keira Woods, Sara Lastrucci, Nicholas Cundiff, Lidia Rubio, Emily Caldy.

Christmas Jumper Day 2020

For the very first time, December 11th was Christmas Jumper Day at Novaschool Sunland International. It was an amazing Friday because Santa Claus visited our Reception and Preschool pupils the same day!

Students, teachers and school staff come to school wearing a Christmas jumper for a small donation of 1€ which goes straight to Save the Children, a fabulous charity which helps children from around the world.

This organisation promotes policy changes to gain more rights for young people to improve their lives through better education, health care and economic opportunities – especially by enforcing the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child while providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war and other types of conflicts.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Department of the Novaschool Educational Group is concerned that our students develop their solidarity spirit and empathy carrying out different actions and projects which always serve human and social rights.

That is why we organise lots of solidarity initiatives in order to involve our pupils to the fullest and raise awareness about other peoples’ needs.


Today, we are pleased to announce that the amount raised by our Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day – organised by Miss Sarah Walton, Y3B Tutor – is €795.90.

This was a world-wide event and we are extremely happy with the result achieved


día del jersey de navidad

At this time of the year, you would normally be invited for a Christmas performance put together by your children. Unfortunately, all performances have been cancelled due to the current situation.

However, we will be taking pictures or making a video in class, with the children singing and dancing – we are going to do this when they receive their “Secret Santa” – so that you can enjoy this special momet of the year with us.

Science Week 2020

Over the current week, from November 30th to December 4th, Science Week 2020 took place at Novaschool Sunland International.

Celebrating Science Week at Novaschool Sunland was an amazing experience! What a success!

From Habitats to planets, examining the layers of the Earth, the extinction of different species and the deforestation of the rainforest! We packed in some fantastic activities and even competitions too!

The idea of the week itself was for the students to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect our lives by exploring Science in the world around us.

Each day of the week was dedicated to a specific topic:

Monday – Climate change and carbon footprint

Our students investigated the amount of greenhouse gas a person can emit on a day to day basis. They created their own carbon footprint and discussed how their actions are affecting our environment. They even developed ideas on how they could make changes to support the fight against Climate Change.

Tuesday – Habitats

On Tuesday, our Secondary students from KS3 entered the ‘Habitats Photography Competition.’ Their challenge was to take the best photograph they could of a living being in their habitat from within the school grounds. They explored our beautiful campus at Novaschool Sunland and snapped some incredible shots!

In Foundation and Primary, our students explored the campus too, spotting the different flowers and creatures that live in our school. They drew pictures and explored the different textures in the gardens.

Wednesday – The Planets

On Wednesday, we had two visitors in school who gave a presentation to our year 7 students all about Geology and the different types of rocks and the layers of the Earth itself.

Across the rest of the school, Secondary students discovered how the planets actually formed in the Solar System. In Primary, we investigated the different planets, put them in order and made our own space mobiles!

Thursday – Biodiversity and Recycling

On Thursday, we had a fantastic and creative visitor in school that shared stories with our students. In Primary, our students studied recycling and its importance. We discussed why we should Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We made Christmas decorations from recycled materials.

In Secondary, the students talked about preserving Biodiversity and the animals in danger of extinction.

The Exposition from the Centro de Ciencias Principia en Málaga arrived for our students to visit and discuss. The Expo was called ‘Los Enlaces de la Vida’ and discussed all of the key points from today’s theme.

Friday – The Rainforest and Pollution

On Friday, the Secondary students investigated the severity of deforestation and who is responsible for this happening to our Earth.

In Primary, we read a beautiful story about the trees being cut down in the wonderful rainforest. We made rainforest layers, placing the animals in the correct places. We also made posters to ‘Save Our Rainforest!’

science week

The organizer of this event – Miss Helen Barber – tutor of Y4A, has made a series of themed videos on YouTube through the ‘Novaschool myAgora’ channel.

Here’s the full list of videos:

Introduction: Science Week Secondary – YouTube

Monday: Science Week – Preschool – Monday – YouTube

Science Week – Key Stage 1 – Monday – YouTube

Science Week Primary Monday – YouTube

Tuesday: Science Week – Preschool – Tuesday – YouTube

Science Week – Key Stage 1 – Tuesday – YouTube

Science Week Primary Tuesday – YouTube

Wednesday: Science Week – Preschool – Wednesday – YouTube

Science Week – Key Stage 1 – Wednesday – YouTube

Science Week Primary Wednesday – YouTube

Thursday: Science Week – Preschool – Thursday – YouTube

Science Week – Key Stage 1 – Thursday – YouTube

Science Week Primary Thursday – YouTube

Friday: Science Week – Preschool – Friday – YouTube

science week – Key Stage 1 – Friday – YouTube

Science Week Primary Friday – YouTube 

science week

It has been a week of very interesting and fun classes, seminars, workshops and activities.

We encourage you to check out our Facebook page for more photos and details!

Novaschool Sunland International | Facebook

Art classes at Novaschool Sunland

Art and visual language are all around us everyday.

At Novaschool Sunland International we believe that art is a vital class in our curriculum, creativity is without any doubt a skill that can be learned and developed throughout the education and beyond.

These kind of practical classes engage students in ways that other subjects cannot; developing critical thinking, creative use of materials, embracing experimentation, not being afraid to make mistakes, all the time developing mental processs while increasing our students’ means of expression.

Through art young people can envision, experience and undestand the world on a different level. That is why art education plays a very important role as a enrichment subject, guiding and inspiring children’s mental development.

They have the opportunity to learn actively through creative and expressive activities.  Art lessons balance out more academic subjects and allow our students to recognise and appreciate different perspectives of world in which we live.

Developing and creating an original piece of Artwork involves many parts of the brain and builds deep cognitive connections.  Students learn to respond to the world around them, what they see and experience, each in their own individual way.  Creating art brings a great sense of achievement, students are motivated by developing their own ideas and in turn learn more about themselves, their own and other cultures.

At Novaschool Sunland International, students build upon their artistic skills every year, continuing to develop and refining their use of visual language,  their understanding of art history and visual communication. Here you a have a short list of some of the projects we did recently many of which were specifically designed to help students to respond life in the pandemic:

Seminar ‘Career Plan’

Students at Novaschool Sunland International attend a seminar focused on their future.

This morning our Sixth Form students attended the “Career Plan” seminar at Novaschool Sunland International Assembly Hall.

This event has been organised by our SEND team made up of three professionals with extensive experience: Gema Palma (Coordinator), José María del Río (psychologist) and Ana Mª Martín (educational counsellor).

Our CEO of Novaschool Educational Centres, Francisco Barrionuevo, has been the main speaker of the seminar. The purpose of his intervention was to provide first hand advice so that our students can find out which university career best suits their ambitions.


The components of our SEND team planned and made a speech with the aim of providing students with information about the university system and the labour market. In order for each student to achieve their goals, they must be supported and motivated – so that they have more alternatives at their disposal when choosing their career.

From Novaschool Sunland International of course we wish them a successful future and we do our best to prepare them according to our academic excellence. In fact, most of our ex-students are currently studying at prestigious universities located in Spain and abroad.

We are very proud of them and of the results they have achieved after finishing their studies here with us.

Now we all wish a luck to all the participants who have attended the seminar today!

Menus of the world project

At Novaschool Sunland International we believe it is essential for our students to be aware that they live in an international and multicultural environment. We are so used to living in this reality that we hardly notice the differences that characterise our school and how much it brings to us at both an academic and personal level.

Our educational group is characterised by being so varied and this is an element that benefits us, both professionally as a team and for our students. The diversity that singularises us is determined not only in terms of educational excellence, but also by the people who are part of this great family.

día de Fra

Within our small community there are many nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Respecting and knowing them is undoubtedly one of our objectives. For this reason we have decided to promote a slightly alternative initiative: to experience traditional cuisine from different countries.

Deep down, you can discover the world in many different ways and one of those is the culinary tradition. Therefore, during this school year we will ‘celebrate’ a country with a special typical menu every last Friday of the month. Throughout the day activities will be held about the culture and traditions of the same.

It’s like traveling all over the world without leaving Novaschool Sunland.

We really are an international school!

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