El perfil innovador del docente, por Francisco Barrionuevo

El Economista wanted to echo the words of the last article published last December 26th 2017 by the CEO of Novaschool and professor of economics ESO-BACH, Francisco Barrionuevo. It deals with the fundamental role of the teacher in the educational setting and details the innovative research carried out at the Novaschool educational centers.

Olympic visit for our students!

Yesterday, our students from Novaschool Sunland International had a visit from a very special guest. The Olympic swimmer Nina Zhivanevskaya spent a couple of hours with the students sharing her experiences as a world-class athlete and gave them advice on how to pursue their ambitions.

Nina Aleksándrovna Zhivanevskaya, born in Russia, is a Spanish swimmer. Her speciality is the backstroke and she has also obtained fantastic results in different styles. Some of her greatest achievements are a bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics as part of the Unified Team in the 4 x 100 m style and another bronze medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games with the Spanish team in the 100 m backstroke race. In the European championships, she obtained four gold medals (in 2000 and 2002), five silver medals (1999, 2002 and 2004), two bronze medals (2004 and 2008) with Spain, and two silver medals (1993) and three bronze medals (1993 and 1995) with Russia. She took some time out of international competitions during her maternity leave but returned for the 2008 Pekin Olympic Games where she reached the 100 m backstroke semi-finals and achieved a sixth place.

As well as having the honour of meeting her, the students were able to hold and take photos of the Olympic flame.

It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with you Nina, thank you for inspiring us with your words.

Environmental Education

After being invited to come up with ideas for keeping our school clean, Year 4 as a group thought that a rota of classes should be made for litter collection. They decided that they would begin immediately, and, with the help of Miss Shelley, they put on their gloves, grabbed some bin bags and went off around the school, picking up rubbish.

The idea is that if all classes do this, they will have a better understanding of why it is important to use the bin instead of throwing rubbish on the floor.

Next Friday Year 1 will be collecting rubbish with their gloves and bags.

Year 4 Science Lesson!

Science has never been so much fun! Miss Shelley’s class explored every corner of the beautiful school grounds to find, identify and classify small animals. As well as the usual ants and woodlice, they founds snails, frogs and even a snake. They can now identify vertebrates, invertebrates, molluscs and arthropods.



“Oh, no!!  What has happened?  Miss Shelley, our classroom!  We can´t go in!”

This was meant to be any other, normal Tuesday morning at Novaschool Sunland.

As the photo shows, however, Year 4 teachers and children were shocked and confused upon arriving at their classrooms to begin their English lessons. There had been what looked like a robbery and the police had taped the room to prevent entry!

The TRUTH behind the staged “robbery” was that the teachers of Year 4 wanted to create emotion, inspire the children to speak and think and ultimately write about their feelings on encountering the scene, as part of our English curriculum.

The children were quite honestly brilliant; the descriptive words they came up with and their intelligent and insightful conversations immediately following seeing the scene, were a revelation.  Our aim was to inspire and enthuse and we think we achieved this!

Thank you, Year 4; fabulous children!

Miss Shelley and Miss Kath


Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is full of fantastical scenes and strange happenings. Much of these strange things happen in the forests. In this lesson, Year 8 students were taken to the forest classroom to appreciate how it can be a mysterious and sometimes creepy place. There are unknown sounds, shadows, and smells everywhere. In ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, William Shakespeare takes full advantage of how the forest makes most people feel and so did Ms. Evans in her English literature lesson.




ICT Lessons

This term, Reception children took their first visit to our ICT room for their first computer lesson. During this term, Reception children will become experts in clicking and double clicking the mouse, dragging and dropping selected objects on screen and of course play a variety of online games to consolidate these skills.

Well done Reception…..Do you see a future Steve Jobs or Bill Gates amongst our children?!


Welcome back to school!

Today our students and parents started a new academic year at Novaschool Sunland International.

New families, new students, and our students from last year who enter a new class with a different teacher and begin a new adventure.

This is going to be a fantastic and happy year at Sunland!

We are very exciting to be back and wish you a happy new academic year at Novaschool Sunland Internartional!.




Sculpture garden

The art students of Key Stage 3 have been planning and creating the sculpture garden at Sunland.
The enthusiastic students created some amusing sculptures from different materials, the ideas have been endless.

We hope to continue next academic year and expand the special attraction.

Art Department,

Ute Schroeter