School Services

Novaschool Sunland International

School Dining Room

Our British school in Malaga has a dining room that covers the needs of all our students with different menus adapted to suit their dietary requirements and ages. The food on our menus is cooked entirely in our own kitchen following the Mediterranean diet, providing the key nutrients of a healthy and balanced diet.


The catchment area for Sunland School consists of the suburbs around the metropolitan area of Nueva Aljaima, (where the centre is situated). It’s considered that the maximum travelling a student should do on a daily basis is 30 km (40-60min). This limit ensures that they are still capable of functioning adequately at school after said journey.

Morning Classroom

Aware of the importance of reconciling work and family life, Novaschool Sunland International offers families who need the morning room service, a special schedule covering tomorrow from 7.45 am (one hour of morning classroom). 

  • The price is 59 € per month.
  • To hire individual days should contact Secretary.


Following the school policy, all students attending classes from Preschool through Year 13 inclusive must wear the school uniform at all times. You can buy all the parts that make up the uniform except for socks, tights and footwear, which will have to be dark (brown or black) at the uniform store of the school.

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