Celebrating the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace 2024

Every year at Novaschool Sunland International we celebrate the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace as a UNICEF friendly school on January 30; we dedicate this day to commemorate a culture of non-violence and peace in schools through different activities.

The didactic activities proposed by UNICEF can be worked on at all educational levels, from Foundation to Sixth Form. It is important to promote a school climate based on protection, respect, safety, and inclusion in order to allow our students to acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills that reinforce their personal development to make them critical global citizens committed to their rights and those of others.

It is essential for us to educate the youngest to develop their key linguistic, communicative, social and civic skills in order to be able to recognise their own and others’ needs to achieve security and peace. Good treatment, security and trust are a very important part of an environment of peace in which children’s rights such as participation and freedom of expression can be respected.

As educational centre we are committed to continue being defenders of peace and understanding between people of different backgrounds and ways of thinking. We encourage the reflection of the whole educational community on safe spaces in the school by encouraging everyone to focus on observation of the environment, analytical skills, creativity, and empathy.

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