In keeping with the spirit of the Novaschool group, the objective of Novaschool Sunland International is to work together with parents to:

• Foster the development of fully bilingual, globally aware students who will strive to develop their talents to the best of their abilities.
• Provide a framework which will help students to achieve excellence and which recognises their individual learning styles and skills.
• Stress the importance of all human, moral, ethical, spiritual and social values in personal development.
• Value each student’s uniqueness and enable them to achieve their ambitions and vocations from a young age, dedicating personal attention to them to encourage and value their individual characteristics.
• Foster a genuine awareness and appreciation of Spanish and British cultural heritage.
• Encourage understanding of international cultures and values, thereby offering our students, through a sense of fairness, self-discipline, tolerance and respect, the best possible preparation for living a life where international boundaries are no longer a limitation.
• Promote respect for the basic units of the society in which our students live, such as the family and local institutions.
• Develop student awareness of responsibility to the community and the need to apply skills, learning and experience in order to make a better future for our world.
• Give students a deep rooted pride and affection for the school and its traditions.
• Encourage concern for the local and global environment and promote its quality and care for future generations.