School Fees 2024-2025

Enrolment Fees

Enrolment Fee (renewal) 


Enrolment Fee (new students only)


Enrolment fees must be renewed every school year, the fee will be paid upon enrolment for new students and with a single payment from 1 to 5 March 2024 for former students . For alumni, payments will be issued in March, along with the regular school fee. Fees are subject to a commitment to stay at Novaschool Sunland for an entire school year. If a student is withdrawn after 31st Jully, Novaschool Sunland will apply a penalty of 1.500 euros with an immediate charge date.

School Fees 2024/2025

The annual fees include the school canteen and the curricular activities at the Novaschool Agrosostenible Farm.

It also includes access to specialized educational platforms.

Annual Fees

The school fees will be paid by direct debit form the 1st to the 5th of each month from September to June, (except Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 from September to May). The school services are contracted annually.

Preschool and Reception 

€ 5.830

Year 1 – 2

€ 6.080

Year 3 – 4

€ 6.470

Year 5 – 6

€ 6.725

Year 7 – 9

€ 6.980


Year 10 – 11

€ 7.029

Sixth Form

€ 7.074

*Year 11 and Sixth Form 9 instalments.

Families who wish to pay the full year’s fees in advance will receive a reduction of 4% for payments made before 30th June 2024. Payments before 5th September will receive a reduction of 2%.

The 3rd and/or sucessive children of the same family will have a 44% discount on school fees (the school canteen fee is not included).

Curricular activities in the academic year

From the 24/25 academic year, visits to the Agrosostenible Farm School. These facilities are an extension of the Novaschool Sunland International school.


Novaschool group has acquired an Agrosostenible Farm School Located in Cártama. The student will have 2 or 3 full teaching days (2 full teaching days for Preeschool and Foundation and 3 for rest of the key Stage) during the academic year in these facilities.

These teaching days will be included in the annual program and are incorporated into the curriculum. This extension of the curriculum is included from Preschool to Y13.

Included in school fees.


You can consult the complete program of the Agrosostenible farm HERE

Note: The tutor will notify at least one week in advance of the departure to the Agrosostenible Farm School.

More services

  • Lunches are included in the school fees.
  • Public (External) examinations fees in Years 9-11-Sixth Form: prices vary depending on the subject.
  • Two-way service: € 1.670 per year (annual enrolment and before 30th June 2024)
  • Morning Service:  From 7:45h – € 61 per month
  • Books: Textbooks are to be purchased by the parents, a book service is provided by the school, from Preschool to Year 9, please contact the school office for more information
  • Materials: To be purchased by parents.
  • Uniforms: From the school uniform shop or through our online store

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