Last Friday, February 16th, Málaga FC Genuine FC visited Novaschool Sunland to play football with our students

The Genuine League is part of an integrative initiative of social responsibility and pioneering in the world, which began in the 2017/2018 season; is made up of teams from the DI collective (People with Intellectual Disabilities).

The teams are of a single or mixed category and may include participating players who have reached the age of 16, in addition to accrediting through official documentation that they have a minimum intellectual disability of 33%.

In LALIGA GENUINE, it is not only the sporting results that count, but also the positive attitudes of sportsmanship that are shown during the matches. For this reason, the teams have a series of points on each matchday that reward the behaviour and actions of sportsmanship and fair play of players, coaches and fans.


The objectives are:

  • Normalise the practice of football among people with intellectual disabilities.
  • To commit professional football to this inclusive and socially responsible project.
  • Encourage LALIGA clubs to have their Genuine FC team.

In our British international school, attention to diversity includes the set of educational actions aimed at responding to the different abilities, rhythms and learning styles of the students, in order to facilitate the acquisition of key competences and the achievement of the objectives of each stage; this allows us to provide personalised attention based on educational needs.

Enjoying a day with the Málaga FC Genuine has undoubtedly been a very enriching experience for our students and they have had a great time!


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