Enrollment Schemes

Novaschool Sunland International

In Novaschool Sunland International we are very aware of the importance and the value of making the right decision regarding the academic future of our children; therefore, we have different enrollment plans and agreements with different entities in order to help families.

Welcome Plan

Intended for new students starting in the school year.

Benefits: Free School Uniform*

New Brother/Sister Plan

Intended for new students starting in the school year with brothers or sisters already enrolled in Novaschool Sunland International.


  • Free School uniform*
  • For the inscription of a 2nd brother / sister, the same enrolment fee for an existing student
  • From the 3rd brother/sister onwards a 44% discount in School fee will be aplicable

*Important: free uniform applies to single uniform garment. 


You can consult all the companies and entities with which Novaschool establishes collaboration agreements with different advantages with respect to the enrollment of yours children in school. MORE INFORMATION

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