Fundamental Principles

The Novaschool educational group, to which Novaschool Sunland International belongs, bases its educational model on excellence and innovation. It develops these principles in its day-to-day philosophy through four pillars; bilingualism, technology, sport and art.

Linguistic immersion is one of the fundamental axes of student training at Novaschool educational group. In the case of Novaschool Sunland, we are the only British center of the Novaschool educational group. Thus, our students are in a purely English environment, with native teachers and reaching the objectives set by the British curriculum in a unique natural environment.

For Novaschool centres, innovation is about being at the forefront of educational methods, providing students with an education of the highest level. Novaschool centres offer an innovative educational method rooted in the importance of each student as a human being with intellectual, creative, and artistic potential, as well as motor skills. For this reason, staff receive appropriate training.

Excellence means maximising and developing students´ qualities, whether they be intellectual, physical or artistic.


In Novaschool Sunland we promote empathy, to see life from all perspectives and to make fair and responsible decisions; respect for our local and global environment, ourselves and others, solidarity by nurturing a sense of harmony and team spirit within our family community; creativity being confident, open-minded and willing to take risks; enjoyment of life and learning, including making mistakes from which we can improve. We are all human!