Novaschool Sunland International welcomes students between the ages of 3 and 18

Novaschool Sunland International welcomes students between the ages of 3 and 18 whose needs can be served by the School, regardless of race, nationality or religion. Decisions on admission are determined by the Principal in consultation with the Heads of Primary and Secondary and families seeking admission for their child(ren) and should make an appointment with them via the school secretary. It is sometimes possible and desirable by prior agreement for a prospective student to spend a day at the school.

Admission is based on previous school reports and references and a statement from the parents and a self-written essay (for students aged 8 and above). The School seeks to admit students of good academic ability, with the appropriate motivation and self-disciplinary skills to participate in and benefit from an international education.

All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs. Students with learning difficulties who meet the above criteria may apply. If a student requires the help of a support teacher, this will incur an additional charge that reflects the costs to the School.

All children whose native language is not English and who are older than 10 years must take an oral and written assessment to determine whether they can be admitted. English as an Additional Language (EAL) support may be recommended and can be available to a limited number of students in the school but at additional cost to parents.

Students are admitted throughout the year, subject to the availability of places. Applications are normally considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Siblings may be given priority provided the school is given at least two terms notice. Otherwise sibling admissions are subject to the availability of space in the class. Where a class is full a waiting list will be created, again on a strictly first-come basis. Placement in all classes will be made on the basis of the student’s previous record and the assessment of the school. The initial placement is tentative, and the school may advise a change of class after the student’s abilities have been thoroughly observed. Year level placement is normally always on the basis of chronological age. If a student is not placed in a year by age it is because his/her level of emotional and social development and/or academic ability does not warrant it. Year placement is the prerogative of the Principal upon consultation with staff, parents and others concerned.


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