The 2024 ITF Taekwondo National Champion is a Sunlander!

Our Year 4 student Daniel Sánchez Téllez has returned to compete in the Spanish Taekwondo Championship that was held in Alicante last weekend and has been proclaimed champion in his category: he is now a green belt in Taekwondo and runner-up in Sparring.

From Novaschool Sunland we are very proud of this important achievement that reflects once again the values that we instill in our educational community: effort, dedication, discipline and respect. We understand sport as something that goes beyond physical exercise because it is also a time of learning and socialisation.

Sport, both individually and as a team, helps to forge personality; it is therapeutic, recreational, and educational. The game involves discipline and fun at the same time, competition is important as much as having fun and enjoying.

In addition, through sports practices, many students manage to find their vocation and profession. The benefits derived from their practice are innumerable and serve as a formative experience to prepare young people for the challenges of the professional world.

Congratulations Daniel!

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