Article on El Sol Digital

The principal of Novaschool Sunland International, Ms. Evans, has collaborated with the newspaper El Sol Digital for the publication of a very interesting and profound article on the technological era in which we find ourselves, and how it affects the educational field.

We encourage you to read it completely by clicking on the following link: Finding the right balance

We save water at Sunland!

At Novaschool Sunland we are very involved with environmental awareness and responsible use of natural resources, proof of this has been the recent obtaining of ISO certificates (both quality and environmental). After a year of evaluating and tracking the consumption, we can see the results of this minimization, these being the actions taken:

  • Placement of pearlizers in the taps
  • Change of tanks with double load
  • Talks of internal awareness to both teachers and students
  • Placement of posters for awareness and minimization in rooms and bathrooms
  • Realization of plans and technical instructions for the proper use of resources
  • In addition to carrying out improvements in the facilities of the center during the new works carried out that help responsible consumption.

Today we want to highlight that we have exceeded our proposed goal of reducing water consumption (m3 consumed per person) by 5% compared to the previous year, result that we envisioned by the involvement of all staff and students who do the day to day in Novaschool Sunland.


Cáritas fundraising

As every year, on the last day of each quarter and on a voluntary basis, students who wish, could go to school without a uniform and in exchange for one euro as a donation to Cáritas Cártama; The organization that helps the most needy families in the area.

On the other hand, in some occasions, this time, specifically, in the class of Year 9, she collects money through the sale of cakes at the play-time to help raising this amount, with this activity in which the entire class participates. tries to emphasize the values of companionship and solidarity in a practical way and within an appropriate environment where their own schoolmates and teachers will accompany them so that they can enjoy this work of solidarity.

The total collected for the class of year 9 was 35.16 euros, the total collected for the day without a uniform was 287.5 euros. Reaching the amount of 322.66 euros, donation integra delivered to Cáritas Cártama.

Charity’s dinner collection

The event that was organised by Novaschool Sunland International with the collaboration of the Cártama City Council and Casa de Castilla y León Delegación de Cártama, held on 30th November, was a great success in attendance. More that 200 people participated in supporting the causes for which Concha Rodríguez (Madre Concha) and the Social Welfare area of Cártama work.

Due to this level of participation, we managed to raise 5.241€ through tickets, contributions by fila 0, sponsors and the collaboration of those who attended this dinner.

The funds that were obtained with this act will go on the social projects launched by  Madre Concha and the Social Welfare area of the Cártama City Council, whose main objective will be to help the families at risk of social exclusion, people with difficulties and reduced mobility, and support for childhood cancer research.

You can see in the following picture the mayor of Cártama, Jorge Gallardo, the Councilor for Social Welfare, Isabel Sánchez, Madre Concha, the CEO of the educational group Novaschool, Francisco Barrionuevo, and the representative of the management team of Novaschool Educational Group, Ana Mª Martín; in the act of giving that economic amount.

Ali Bagherian, in the Top 10

Last September was announced the list of nominees for the best teacher in Spain of the second edition of the Educa Awards and two teachers from Malaga go to the final, being one of them Ali Bagherian, Secondary and Baccalaureate teacher at Novaschool Añoreta school (located in Rincon de la Victoria) from the 2002-2003 academic year, which also teaches the subject of Business Economics at Novaschool Sunland (Cártama) from the 2017-2018 academic year, as part of the specific phase to which you want to present the students to upload a note for access to the University.

For 15 years, Bagherian has coincided with a multitude of students with whom he has shared experiences, and in which undoubtedly this professor of Philosophy, History and Entrepreneurial Culture has left an indelible mark. These same students have been the ones who have taken their teacher to this nomination since for these awards the teachers can not present their candidacy, they must be proposed by their students and / or former students, and / or by their families.

Among the reasons that have encouraged students and families to propose their teacher Ali Bagherian as Best Teacher in Spain is undoubtedly his involvement both professionally and personally: “I put a lot of passion in each class, I think that for my students it is clear that I am where I want to be and what I believe in what I do. I love my work, that’s why I prepare and feel each class as if it were the most important. ”
Ali Bagherian is one of those teachers who make their students think and reflect, and as Bagherian himself states, “in a world where information abounds and also does so fleetingly, promoting critical thinking in the classroom becomes in one of the most important competitions ”.

For Ali Bagherian this nomination is “an injection of courage that confirms me and lets me know that I am on the right track; it clears those doubts that sometimes arise in the exercise of self-criticism and at the same time poses the challenge of maintaining my convictions and of reinventing myself on a daily basis. ”

Last April, Bagherian presented with Francisco Barrionuevo, CEO and Novaschool economics professor, the book ” Entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial culture ” drawn up jointly by the two professors and which has been used in the past the classrooms of 1st of Bachillerato. In addition, in recent years Ali Bagherian has published more than 40 educational videos of great use for high school students and has a multitude of visualizations.

The date on which we will meet the winners will be on January 10th, 2019. The awards ceremony for the Best Teachers will be held at the 2nd World Education Congress, EDUCA 2019, during the days 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February in Santiago de Compostela.

Charity’s dinner summary

On 30th November we celebrated in Novaschool Sunland the charity dinner organised by the educational group and the City Council of Cártama raising funds for the Social Welfare Area of ​​Cártama and Madre Concha, founder of Casa Castilla y León Delegación de Cártama.

We all came together to achieve one goal and … we achieved it! Together we raised  5,000€ through the sale of tickets, row 0, sponsors and the collaboration of those attending this event that has undoubtedly been an unique experience.

We witnessed very emotional moments from 8:30 pm that began the dinner, from the warm welcome of the Principal of Novaschool Sunland Ms. Rachel Evans and the interventions of the mayor of Cártama, Mr. Jorge Gallardo Gandulla accompanied by Mother Concha, thanks to the organisation of the event and to all the attendees who  participated and collaborated in making this night possible; without overlooking the performance of our two students, Rocío Lapaz and Max Cossons.

Later the live music was performed by the Malaga group “The electroduendes”, who undoubtedly finished entertaining the audience on this special night.

In addition, participants could purchase  art work by students of Novaschool Sunland.

Thanks to all for making us spend an unique night and especially to Mother Concha for transmitting so much experience, kindness and affection.



Flying Frogs

‘The Sound of Sunland recorded their first Christmas Album at Flying Frogs Recording Studio. Get ready for it’s release! The Cd’s will be on sale during the KS2 presentation.



An awareness talk

Today, we have received the visit of the president of  Andrés Olivares’ Foundation. We have been reflecting on our day to day, how we behave as people, how we enjoy, how we help others and have given each other a big hug, among other activities.

Likewise, Andrés Olivares President spoke about the Foundation’s work of helping children who have cancer and their families.

Finally, he spoke about the importance of bone marrow donation and the importance of volunteering.


Remembrance Day

Today at 11.00 a.m. all Novaschool Sunland Students and Staff will hold a one minute silence as a mark of reflection and respect to all those who fought in World War One. Armistice Day is on 11 November and is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918.

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