About us

Novaschool Sunland International School is set in the countryside, giving students the safe and healthy environment they have always dreamed of. The school is located on a spacious and secure campus of 40,000 square metres to the northwest of Malaga city. It features excellent academic buildings and sports facilities and is set in the attractive wildlife of the Guadalhorce valley.

  • Rachel Evans. Directora de Novaschool Sunland International
    Rachel Evans

    Here at Novaschool, we are extremely proud of our team of native teachers, assistants, office, cleaning, and maintenance staff who all work very hard each day to give our students the best possible education, in the best possible environment.
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  • Francisco Barrionuevo. CEO Novaschool
    Francisco Barrionuevo

    In mid-2009 I made the most important decision in my long business career – to enter the mainstream education sector. Thereafter, the entire management team saw a chance to create a socially sustainable project of excellence which was missing in the educational system of that time.
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