Novaschool Sunland currently offers two different and well-defined paths in Sixth Form for access to university at the end of Year 13.

Our students can access universities around the world and are guided through the year by our expert tutors who help our students access the courses and universities of their choice.

We are a British school, and all our Year 12 students are prepared for the Cambridge International Examinations AS and A Levels. Over 175 000 students in more than 125 countries sit the Cambridge International AS and A Levels. These qualifications are delivered by Cambridge Assessment International Education, as part of the University of Cambridge and are recognised throughout the world.

At the end of Year 12, our students decide if they want to study in Spain or abroad. Depending on where they want to study, they will choose one of these paths:

Access to universities outside of Spain

The British curriculum is flexible and provides each individual student with the opportunities and the academic requirements needed to access university.

In Year 13, our students will study for their A Levels and will benefit from the continuous support of their teachers to prepare the necessary documentation and admission requirements for their chosen university: interviews, personal statements, community service. At the same time, our mentors and teachers work on our students’ references, transcripts and predicted grades.

Access to Spanish university

The Novaschool Sunland International will support all students wishing to access Spanish public and private universities. They will be supported by the best teachers from the Novaschool group to prepare the content of the subjects that students will sit in the ‘Selectividad’ examinations (access to Spanish university examinations) depending as always on our students’ choices and the requirements of the university of their choice.

In this case, the autonomous region or the university of choices will establish the requirements of our students. Novaschool Sunland is committed to help each student during the period of admission, the ‘Selectividad’ examinations or to formally justify the students’ choice of subjects in Year 13.

The Secondary Management Team is available to meet families to discuss the specific situation of their child. Thanks to the experience of our teachers and the management team. We are able to provide families with the advice and support required to make their choices. There is not a single criterion to access universities and the requirements will depend on the students’ choice of subject and the autonomous region where they wish to study.

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