School Musical 2024: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Last Friday, March 22nd, more than 80 students of our British school Novaschool Sunland International performed in this year’s musical: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Cártama Theatre facilities.

For more than ten years, we organise a musical show in which Secondary students participate in some way through the music band, singers, dancers, actors, props and production. Sixthformers of Art make the props, those of Music and Choir complement the orchestra and the vocals, those of Drama are the ones who opt for a leading role.

Pupils began rehearsing for the show throughout the first term; every week they showed their dedication and commitment to making sure the performance was perfect. This event is undoubtedly a fantastic opportunity to let the talents we have at Novaschool Sunland shine and highlights the collaboration we have within the performing arts department.

This year the audience has been spectacular, the tickets were sold out in a few days and finally almost 300 people attended, filling the theater in order to enjoy with the family such a funny musical as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Music, drama and arts form a very important part of our British curriculum: it is essential for the education and development of students, since, thanks to them, they grow up as free, cultured, critical, tolerant and sensitive people.

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