Novaschool Sunland Pass Rate Benchmarking step by step comparison IGCSE, AS and A Level


Continued evaluation and assessment will be carried out throughout the entirety of the pupils’ education at Novaschool Sunland. Both internal and external assessment strategies will be used, offering an objective perspective on their progress throughout each academic year.

At the end of Year 6 and Year 9, respectively, pupils will undertake a final exam consistent with their corresponding learning stage as well as present a project, which will form part of their final grade as they end their Primary and Middle Secondary studies.

At the end of Year 11, pupils will be examined via iGCSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education) and in Year 12 and 13, will carry out Pre-University external examinations.

Progress reports will be issued at the end of each school term as well as a final report reflecting their overall attainment grade at the end of the academic year. Two teacher-parent conferences are scheduled through the course of the year, although parents wishing to arrange an appointment with a tutor or subject teacher outside of these dates can do so by making an appointment via the School Office.  


To follow are a series of reports outlining comparable pass rates between Novaschool Sunland International and other CIE Centres (Cambridge International Examination). The results refer not only to UK-based centres but also to more than 10,000 centres spread across 160 countries around the world.

Please click here BENCHMARKING_ENG_ESP_IGCSE_AS_ALEVEL 2023 to view the results.

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