World Water Day 2024

Today, Friday, April 5, we are celebrating a solidarity race with The Social Water Foundation on the occasion of World Water Day.

All the students and teachers of our British school Novaschool Sunland International – from Foundation to Sixth Form – participate in this event that aims to raise awareness about the need and correct use of this precious commodity, water.

In addition, it is a CSR action in which funds are raised to collaborate with The Social Water Foundation in its mission to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure access to drinking water in vulnerable communities.

The Social Water is an association of volunteers that is dedicated to purifying water through a very simple solution using a filter that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, microplastics, sediments and other impurities that make people sick. It is a very easy tool to use, you just have to install it in a bucket where we add the untreated water, and with the force of gravity itself the water is filtered.

The Novaschool Educational Group will use the money raised to deliver its purification water filters in the name of Sunland. The cost of each filter is €25 and will go entirely to buy it and deliver it to families, so with the amount we have raised we will be able to finance the purchase of about 50 filters.

Thank you all for collaborating!

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