Novaschool Sunland International includes oratory and debate in its educational project

Among the novelties that have been incorporated this 2023-2024 school year into the curriculum of our British international school is the ‘Novaschool Comunica’ project. We introduce the subjects of oratory and debate in the educational project of Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form.

‘Novaschool Comunica’ is an ambitious didactic plan about oratory and debate that aims to promote the use of communication tools in the classroom. It is divided into two phases:

1) Training phase for the teaching team, focused on the expansion of communication skills in the teaching methodology

2) Training phase for students, from Year 6 to Year 13, in which oratory and academic debate are incorporated into the educational curriculum

The Novaschool Educational Group counts on the support of a team of experts led by a former student of the bilingual centre Novaschool Añoreta – Alberto García Chaparro – general director of the EU Model in Spain and oratory and debate trainer in Train&Talk.

Oratory is a fundamental skill to know how to lead different aspects of life: it is a tool of vital importance in the learning process as it allows students to be prepared, both for their academic life and for their future job.

Encouraging oratory and debate in the educational project from an early age teaches students to communicate effectively, helping them in their academic, personal, and social evolution. Class discussions foster the ability to understand and explain concepts with greater ease and depth, working on eloquence and rhetoric critically, according to logic and reasoning, active listening and teamwork

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