The Novaschool Educational Group obtains the EFQM +400 Certification

Last June, the Club of Excellence in Management awarded the EFQM+400 Certification to our CEO Francisco Barrionuevo, recognising the excellence, innovation and sustainability of Novaschool’s internal management system according to the criteria of the EFQM 2020 Model.

This is a recognition at European and international level of how our Integrated Management System is carrying out a process of transformation and improvement that ensures good organisational management and provides us with different tools to achieve success.

At Novaschool we work daily on excellence, with the firm commitment to provide our students with a high quality academic standards. For the entire team of the Educational Group, receiving this certification has a great meaning: we are part of a very well organised company, which has stable and consolidated procedures.

The EFQM Model is a management framework that allows us to work towards business development, providing a solid foundation for continuous improvement. Its implementation gives us all the means to identify our strengths and at the same time the areas for improvement thanks to an attitude of self-criticism focused on details.

The Novaschool Educational Group continues to be committed to quality, pursuing ambitious purposes and goals based on four key factors:

1) Stakeholder orientation

2) Process orientation

3) Results-oriented

4) Orientation towards sustainable and environmentally friendly development


The strategic principles and values that characterise our management system are:

  • Leadership: managers, educators and support staff develop, promote and motivate with their behavior to achieve excellence and comply with all legal requirements.
  • People: the development and involvement of people are essential factors to achieve our goals
  • Partnerships: collaboration with our key suppliers and stakeholders by building partnerships.
  • Continuous improvement: through the implementation of Integrated Management Systems, and through the application of the EFQM Model of Excellence.
  • Information Security: protecting information resources against threats, internal or external, deliberate or accidental, in order to ensure compliance with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  • Orientation towards educational innovation: increasing teacher training and improving knowledge management and encouraging the creation of innovative projects within teaching departments.

Below, you can find the link to Francisco Barrionuevo’s interview with the Club of Excellence and Management:

Grupo Educativo Novaschool, muestra su Sello EFQM | Club Excelencia en Gestión

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