Sixth-Formers promote a Charity Christmas Campaign for the kids of Cártama

Our senior students have recently been working on a Charity Christmas Campaign in collaboration with Cártama Social Services. The aim of it was to encourage Sunland families to donate toys, books or stationary that will then be distributed to kids in need in Cártama.

Christmas is just around the corner and there are many children who unfortunately, won’t receive any gift from Santa. Therefore, we would like to do something special for those les fortunate children this festive season.

At Novaschool we encourage the participation of our educational community in the projects and life of the municipality, integrating and contributing in a positive way. It is important to raise awareness of our students as people committed to society.

We encouraged our educational community to become a part of this great cause by donating one or some of the following ítems:

  • A toy (value 15-25 euros)
  • An item of stationary or book in Spanish
  • (optional) a personal drawing or letter for a child to receive

Pupils dropped off their donation from the 11th to the 15th of December in the School Office.

Today, our students had the opportunity to give all gifts to Madre Concha along with a bank check of 2.000€ raised in the charity dinner that took place at Sunland in november.

Thank you all for collaborating!

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