Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards: Novaschool Sunland achieves the best academic results in Spain

We could not end 2023 in a better way: three of our students have been awarded as the best students nationally obtaining the highest academic recognition Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards are a group of awards issued by Cambridge Assessment International Education. They recognise exceptional learner achievement in Cambridge examinations around the world. The primary purpose of these awards is to celebrate and recognise the success of high-performing Cambridge learners.

These awards value not only talent, but all the work they have done throughout their school years. In addition, they recognise the dedication and commitment of the teaching team and families, who have accompanied and supported them throughout this process.

To grant this recognition, Cambridge considers the results obtained in the exams held in June 2023, where our students achieved the best results in the following subjects: Combined Science, Sociology and Spanish.

  • Anika M. for obtaining the highest grade in Spain in the Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science
  • Elena O.M. for obtaining the best achievement in Spain in the Cambridge IGCSE Sociology
  • Katie W. for obtaining the best achievement in Spain in the Cambridge AS Spanish

We are very proud of our students, they are excellent pupils and wonderful people, and we are very happy that an external institution of high level like Cambridge recognises their academic results.

This is a clear example that effort is always rewarded and is the result of dedication, perseverance, and hard work.


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