UNICEF exhibition ‘Water: every drop, a treasure’

From the 5th to the 22nd of April we host a very special exhibition made by UNICEF in our Hall: ‘Water: every drop, a treasure’.

It is an exhibition that has 10 panels that explains educational activities on water, children’s rights and sustainable development. The right to water is SDG number 6 of the United Nations and is composed of 6 goals that we have worked on in the classroom prior to the exhibition.

The content of these panels is focused on the following points:

  • Sustainable development: a challenge for all
  • Water: source of sustainable development
  • Healthy, sufficient and accessible water for all
  • Sanitation: a topic to talk about
  • Hygiene: daily gestures of health and dignity
  • Climate crisis: water at risk
  • Participation: together, we work better
  • Drop by drop: we can all help!
  • The power of education

From Novaschool Sunland we know that every drop counts, therefore, we join this initiative with enthusiasm. We believe that everyone should have access to water, hygiene and sanitation; that is why we welcome this exhibition with great interest and pleasure.

For more information please visit the following webpage: https://www.unicef.es/educa/gotas/expo/ods

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