The importance of sport and extracurricular activities

From the Novaschool Educational Group we promote school sports in order to develop healthy habits, thus guaranteeing the physical and emotional well-being of our students.

At Novaschool Sunland we are specialists in instilling sports practice among our pupils and staff of the centre, since our school has sports facilities, gym and swimming pool.

We understand sport as something that goes beyond physical exercise because it is also a time of learning and socialisation. The game involves both discipline and fun, competition is important as much as enjoying the moment. In addition, through sports practices many students manage to find their vocation and profession.

Sport, both individually and as a team, helps to forge personality; it is therapeutic, recreational and educational. The benefits derived from their practice are innumerable and serve as a formative experience to prepare young people for the challenges of the professional world.

Through extracurricular activities our students learn to work as a team, improve their social and communication skills, increase creativity, develop positive values such as respect, companionship and responsibility. What is more, it favors the improvement of mental health by reducing the risk of suffering anxiety, stress or depression.

Extracurricular activities usually take place during school hours, we offer different options for students from 5 to 18 years old: football, skating, volleyball and dance. The Novaschool Sports Club is responsible for organising and carrying them out thanks to its team of fully qualified coaches, who have extensive experience.

These activities constitute an excellent socialising agent that is framed in a healthy environment of friendship and companionship. They emphasise the values of respect, self-control, play, discipline, effort and constant improvement based on the progress of oneself.

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