Novaschool Sunland amongst the best schools in Spain according to the newspaper El Español

One more year, our British centre is positioned amongst the best international schools in Spain according to the ranking published by the newspaper El Español.

As every year at this time, the newspaper El Español publishes its special edition on the best national and international schools in Spain, public and private. In this edition, a review and classification of schools was made according to 27 criteria that analyse services, facilities and quality of education.

From Novaschool Sunland we are very proud to be once again among the 20 best international schools in the country. In the last 20 years we have experienced a technological transformation and we have been able to anticipate and always be one step ahead in terms of educational innovation, infrastructure, services and the environmental care.

We are a socially responsible centre, committed to the 2030 Agenda set by the United Nations, therefore, we work on the Sustainable Development Goals. Our involvement and awareness as a school focuses on the impact we have on society as an educational community.

The Novaschool educational project is designed and based on educational excellence and innovation to achieve a complete and high training of students pursuing the full development of their personality at an intellectual, artistic and physical level. Our mission is to prepare future high-level professionals, with extensive skills for their work and personal lives.

Our educational model is based on high academic and sports performance, always from the perspective of pedagogical innovation through the creation of new learning spaces. For us, it is of vital importance to teach students to have care about the environment, recycling and sustainability.

Amongst the novelties of this school year we can mention: the start-up of an agro-sustainable farm, a photovoltaic plant, a water treatment plant and a new Foundation building next to its playground, in addition to the renovation of the basketball court. Likewise, new solidarity projects and initiatives have been implemented in order to raise awareness.

In conclusion, we could not be more grateful and proud to be a national reference within the educational field. We thank our entire educational community for their effort and dedication to always live up to the commitment as an educational group to continue our path towards excellence and quality management.

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