Charity’s dinner summary

On 30th November we celebrated in Novaschool Sunland the charity dinner organised by the educational group and the City Council of Cártama raising funds for the Social Welfare Area of ​​Cártama and Madre Concha, founder of Casa Castilla y León Delegación de Cártama.

We all came together to achieve one goal and … we achieved it! Together we raised  5,000€ through the sale of tickets, row 0, sponsors and the collaboration of those attending this event that has undoubtedly been an unique experience.

We witnessed very emotional moments from 8:30 pm that began the dinner, from the warm welcome of the Principal of Novaschool Sunland Ms. Rachel Evans and the interventions of the mayor of Cártama, Mr. Jorge Gallardo Gandulla accompanied by Mother Concha, thanks to the organisation of the event and to all the attendees who  participated and collaborated in making this night possible; without overlooking the performance of our two students, Rocío Lapaz and Max Cossons.

Later the live music was performed by the Malaga group “The electroduendes”, who undoubtedly finished entertaining the audience on this special night.

In addition, participants could purchase  art work by students of Novaschool Sunland.

Thanks to all for making us spend an unique night and especially to Mother Concha for transmitting so much experience, kindness and affection.



An awareness talk

Today, we have received the visit of the president of  Andrés Olivares’ Foundation. We have been reflecting on our day to day, how we behave as people, how we enjoy, how we help others and have given each other a big hug, among other activities.

Likewise, Andrés Olivares President spoke about the Foundation’s work of helping children who have cancer and their families.

Finally, he spoke about the importance of bone marrow donation and the importance of volunteering.


Charity dinner at Novaschool Sunland International

From our schools, the importance of growing as people of solidarity and commitment to society is valued always seeking to integrate the life of our municipality and city into projects and synergies in which our educational community can live tangibly how their acts affect positively in their immediate environment, that is why, next Friday, on November 30th will be a very special event, full of love and solidarity in our British School Novaschool Sunland International. 

Novaschool organizes a charity dinner with the collaboration of the Social Welfare Department of Cártama City Council and the beloved Madre Concha, with the aim of a positive way of our educational centers a risk of social exclusion, childhood cancer, people with difficulty or reduced mobility for improve their quality of life and integrate into society.

We propose several options to collaborate with this solidarity initiative:

Attending the dinner and contributing through the amount of the ticket which is € 25 / person (limited capacity).
If you can not attend the dinner, you have also enabled the zero row that allows you to make a free contribution through an account number: TRIODOS BANK. ESCUELA DE ALTO RENDIMIENTO. S.L. – ES16 1491 0001 2130 0010 2438.


In any place of the secretaries of the Novaschool centers through payment in cash and presenting proof of income or bank transfer.

In the case of the acquisition through the bank transfer, in the concept, you get the name and surnames of all those attending the charity dinner.

The physical tickets are collected in the secretariat of Novaschool Sunland International from November 12 or the same day of the event.



On 22 October, during the campaign to collect clothes and footwear that we are currently developing, an awareness-raising conference took place in our center where our students could see the magnificent work that the OSAH Association is doing.

This conference was given in English by José Antonio Franco, a volunteer who collaborates in an altruistic way with OSAH to carry out this type of projects in educational centers.

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