Inauguration of a new school transport line reaching 9 bus routes

Today Wednesday December 1st, we inaugurate a new school transport line, Route 9, with a direct connection between Coín and our International British School located in Estación de Cártama.

It is the fourth consecutive year that we have expanded bus lines: so now we have a new transport line (9), thus reaching 3 direct connection routes between the towns and the school.

Novaschool Sunland International is located in Nueva Aljaima, in the municipality of Cártama, belonging to the Guadalhorce Valley Region, and located 20km from Málaga. Currently the school has nine bus lines to meet the demand of current students and potential customers.

  • Route 1: Málaga Universidad – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 2: Málaga Centro – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 3: Málaga Este – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 4: Alhaurín De La Torre – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 5 : Alhaurín el Grande – Cártama – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 6 : Benalmádena – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 7: Málaga Oeste – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 8 : Fuengirola – Torremolinos – Churriana – Novaschool Sunland
  • Route 9 : Coín – Novaschool Sunland

Cártama is part, along with 12 other municipalities, of the metropolitan area of Málaga, characterised by the presence of a dominant central city that begins to lose relative population and economic weight in favour of the smallest cities of the metropolitan crown.

The area of influence of the school is made up of eleven municipalities in the metropolitan area of Malaga: Alhaurín de la Torre, Alhaurín El Grande, Benalmádena, Cártama, Coín, Málaga, Pizarra, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Churriana and Mijas Costa.

Here you have a list of the distance between our school and the cities mentioned before:

  • Alhaurín de la Torre – 15 km
  • Alhaurín El Grande – 16 km
  • Benalmádena – 30 km
  • Cártama – 6 km
  • Coín – 22 km
  • Málaga – 20 km
  • Mijas Costa – 41 km
  • Torremolinos – 26 km

The maximum time students spend on the bus is between 30 minutes of the routes closest to 60 minutes for remote ones. What is considered, as the maximum distance of displacement for a correct school performance.

For more details on the routes please see our website:

School transport from Novaschool Sunland International


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