The catchment area for Sunland School consists of the suburbs around the metropolitan area of Nueva Aljaima,( where the centre is situated). It’s considered that the maximum travelling a student should do on a daily basis is 30 km (40min). This limit ensures that they are still capable of functioning adequately at school after said journey.

Village                                         Distance (km)                              Time (min)

Alhaurín de la Torre                             15 km                                               22 min

Alhaurín El Grande                               11 km                                               17 min

Benalmádena                                          30 km                                             33 min

Cártama                                                      6 km                                             12 min

Coín                                                            17 km                                             21 min

Málaga                                                       20 km                                            24 min

Pizarra                                                     13,5 km                                            21 min

Torremolinos                                         20,5 km                                           29 min

Each of our bus routes has a designated monitor who is contracted by the school. Each monitor is responsible for the custody and safety of each student on their bus. Each monitor wears a high visibility jacket and carries a passenger register that they are required to check both morning and afternoon. They are also in permanent communication with the bus co-ordinator.


You can download the routes file clicking here: 20-21 BUS ROUTES