Charity calendar 2021: we donate the proceeds of the sale to the Casa Castilla León Organisation of Cártama founded by Madre Concha which operates non-profit in collaboration with the Cártama City Council

In the Novaschool Educational Group we care that our students develop their spirit of solidarity and empathy to the maximum. Therefore, we carry out different actions and projects related to human rights, environmental care and social rights.

Last fall, Secondary school students devised a charity project in order to help families in the Cártama área – the city where our school is located – who have suffered the side effects of the pandemic from the economic point of view.

Through this project the students have developed all their creativity to create a charity calendar 2021, which has been put on sale since January for the benefit of the Casa Castilla León Organisation founded by Madre Concha – which helps the most disadvantaged families of the región in collaboration with Cártama City Council.

To this day, thanks to the collaboration of our families, we have raised a total of € 947. This is the amount that this Monday morning Novaschool Sunland’d pupils have delivered to the representative of the association.

The Department of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Novaschool works constantly with the teaching staff to promote solidarity actions and projects year after year according to the demands of the moment. This time we decided to bet on a help for those who live near where our school with the aim of sensitising students to pay attention to their environment and the people around us.


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