Environmental education project at Novaschool eco-friendly farm

Last Friday 19th of March our Year 12 students took part in a pilot project at the new Novaschool Farm facilities located in Vega de Riarán.

At Novaschool Sunland International we promote and teach our pupils values about caring for the environment, recycling and sustainability from all aspects Therefore, we teach them to follow sustainable habits from a very young age so they can be aware and respectful about our environment and its conservation.

In order to introduce these values and knowledge we believe it is necessary for our students to have hands-on experiences in a rural setting such as our new eco-friendly farm. For us, any educational and training activity carried out in the countryside is considered a social interest.

The activities we propose are focused primarily on the ODS that manage areas such as clean water and sanitation, production and responsible consumption, action by climate and eco life.

This is framed within the curricular programme whereby the study of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) has a key role. From the teachers’ perspective, it is a priority that these kinds of lessons can be developed in a natural environment so that the students leave the classroom and live the experience in a direct way.

The agenda included:

Activity 1: Seminar on contamination on rivers: understanding the impact of the environment in our daily life.

Activity 2: Collection of materials and waste in the Fahala river

Activity 3: Seminar on legislative situation of local rivers.

Activity 4: Seminar on biodiversity and protected areas with a particular focus on the Guadalhorce Valley.

Activity 5: Seminar on organic farming and collection of lemons from the farm trees.

All these activities were developed in small groups and at the end of the day students were given a bag of recycled material with a few kilos of the collected fruit to take home.

You can have a look at some pictures below.

Language immersion programme in Canada for the 2021-2022 school year

Novaschool Sunland International presents its linguistic immersion programme in Canada.

Last Friday, March 19th, a meeting was held for parents to explain the linguistic immersion programme that will take place during the next school year in Canada. Together with Ken’s Education Group, we have developed this new project in such a welcoming, tolerant and multicultural country. Therefore, respect, understanding and tolerance are the fundamental principles of Canadian identity.

Canada’s creative and innovative culture makes it the ideal place to study abroad, it is a very attractive educational destination. In addition, it is one of the safest locations to live. As a bilingual country, students will have the opportunity to learn English and French while enjoying a model of coexistence and civic, moral and ethical education.

This programme is intended for students between the age of 15 and 17 years old who have an adequate level of English with a good academic record and is designed for one term. Students will be able to experience one of the best educational systems enhancing their creativity, autonomy and talent.

Canadian schools offer high-quality teaching with a comprehensive and varied curriculum. Education is not only limited to its academic aspects, but also includes a broad set of personal skills, values and skills. Comprehensive student education is a national priority, and the main goal is to achieve maximum performance at all levels.

All programs are developed in the province of Ontario and schools are located in the Limestone district, in the historic city of Kingston. It is located at the mouth of Lake Ontario and combines a small-town feel with many amenities typical of a restless and innovative community.

Students will stay with a pre-selected Canadian host family that is part of a network of local families that offers many benefits: a protected living environment, a gateway to experience Canadian life up close and the opportunity to develop the language through a total linguistic immersion.

Students will be able to continue their optional after-school and sports activities after the end of the school day. They will also be able to join clubs and student associations to take part in cultural and entertainment activities. Besides, our programme also includes a free excursion to Niagara Falls and Toronto.

This unforgettable experience will allow them to broaden their horizons, create a network of international friendships and contacts by reinforcing their independence daily.

Here you have the dossier with all the information related to this project.

For any queries you can contact Alfonso Avila, the project coordinator , by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 677 705 280.

Dossier Canada

SUR in English: ‘Education & Learning’ Special Edition 2021

For the last few years, Novaschool Sunland International has participated in the SUR in English educational competition.

All the international Schools in southern Spain and Gibraltar are invited to join the annual Education and Learning supplement, which was published today, Friday 12 March 2021.

The purpose of this publication is to showcase our students’ talent in both our primary and secondary schools.

This year is even more special because the Covid-19 safety measures added more challenges for our teachers, but also for our pupils and their families: first of all by having to provide education remotely and then by having to be back in the classroom under additional health and safety rules.

A special recognition has been given to the best contributions, divided into three categories:

  • An original piece of artwork
  • A short story on the theme of safety
  • A poem containing the words ‘switch’ and ‘satisfaction’

The supplement is divided into two sections: the first one is dedicated to children’s work and the second to pictures and information showing the variety of activities that are carried out in the schools around the region.

Click here to read more about it:

Education News in Surinenglish.com . surinenglish.com

Diario SUR debate ’21st Century Schools’

Last Tuesday, 2nd of March, our principal Rachel Evans participated in an online meeting organised by Diario SUR entitled: ‘21st Century Schools: teaching tomorrow’s leaders’. The debate was led by the journalist Carmen Alcaraz, and the focus was to discuss the current challenges in Education in the province of Málaga.

The meeting was attended by Miss Evans, as representative of our Novaschool Educational Group, with María José Salom, the director of El Pinar school, and Pancho Campo, partner and director of development at the American College in Spain.

The starting point was how teachers and school leaders faced last year’s events and the real challenges for education in Spain and around the world. Thanks to the efforts of the educational community, these schools were able to establish a safe environment demonstrating their flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to new situations.

mesa técinca

At Novaschool, technology has always been a fundamental pillar, so our Educational Group already had all the tools to manage online classes. As Miss Evans explained throughout the event, all the centres used Novaschool’s own platform, myAgora+, which enabled them to maintain normal educational activities.

The experts also agreed that the collaboration of families and the teachers and students’ ability to adapt played an essential role in establishing a radical change to our schools’ day-to-day life.

The three schools, despite their differences, are a reference in innovation and educational quality within the province of Málaga. All are committed to providing learning based on the implementation of new educational methodologies, technological innovation, and human values – fulfilling their commitment to students and their families.

Novaschool Sunland amongst the best international schools in Spain

At Novaschool Sunland International we have been fortunate for the fourth year in a row to be recognised as one of the 100 best international schools in Spain, as published today in the newspaper El Mundo’s national ranking.

As result of the good work of our educational team and the rest of the school staff, as well as the efforts of our students and their families, we have been rewarded with this recognition.

This school year has undoubtedly played an important role in our ability to adapt and the flexibility of our team facing the circumstances and challenges caused by the pandemic.

In addition, the improvement of our facilities and services, together with the expansion of outdoor educational spaces, have consolidated our position as a certified British centre of excellence in the Costa del Sol.

Congratulations to the whole Novaschool family!

Here you have the link to read the article:

Los 100 mejores colegios de España | EL MUNDO

Carnival 2021

At Novaschool Sunland International, we have always celebrated carnival with colour and music. On this special day, our students and teachers dress up with masks and costumes, making this day one of the most exciting and popular events in our school year.

Carnival is an Italian word meaning ‘carnevale’ which comes from the word ‘carne levare’ or ‘withdraw of meat’, a concept related to Lent.

Through the course of history, and across the globe, many different cultures and civilisations have dates dedicated to carnival-like celebrations. In Spain, sardines are traditionally buried at the end of festivities. In the past, they were burnt as fire was considered atonement for sins.

Each country has its own traditions… and every school celebrates it in its own manner!

Here at Novaschool Sunland, we decided to celebrate Carnival slightly differently this year. Given the current circumstances it is difficult to go to shops and buy costumes for the children. Therefore, each class was assigned a rainbow colour so that we can create a nice collage with all the photos and create a positive message in these difficult times.

We will show you the picture on our social networks very soon! ?


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is popular all over the world as a holiday during which we celebrate expressions of affection among relatives and friends. That is why, many school children exchange valentines with one another on this day through greeting cards and gifts.

This ‘special day’ has its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia that was held in mid-February. At the end of the 5th century, the Pope replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it came to be celebrated as a day of romance since the 14th century.

Formal messages appeared around 1500 and by the late 1700s people started to use commercially printed cards. In fact, Valentines usually depict Cupid – the Roman god of love – along with hearths. Traditional gifts commonly include flowers – especially red roses and sweets.

At Novaschool Sunland International we like to do practical activities such as decorating the Primary classrooms with children. Traditionally, on Valentine’s Day children exchange personalised messages with each other, but this year we are celebrating it earlier as it falls on a Sunday.

? Happy Valentine’s Day ?

Back to school mural painting

A mural is an artistic way of spreading a feeling of positivity.

With today’s Covid-19 Protocols influencing school routine, where students cannot move around freely between classes we chose and area where all students pass on a daily basis to welcome them back to school. We wanted to use natural forms and calming colours to create a feeling joyfulness and positivity about being back at school.

The artist we used for inspiration was Ashley Mary, an American artist who creates murals in public places. The students particularly liked her work.

Students needed to re-establish their confidence when working with practical materials.What is more, developing a good atmosphere in the group as sharing and talking about their artwork is a big part of the IGCSE Art subject.

It’s hard for students to understand how Art is marked and graded so by using the process in a project that was less individual they could better understand how to use them in their own work. Working as a group, following teacher guidance, students worked through the creative process and  the assessment objectives by which their IGCSE is evaluated.

They studied the artist’s work and selected the shapes, colours and compositions from her work that would fit best with our school. They also looked at natural forms and shapes found around our school that we could include.

We wanted a rainbow as it is a symbol that has been used a lot during the pandemic, also the crescent sun on the Sunland logo and shapes of leaves that we see around our school. The wall is near the swimming pool so we wanted to include elements of water such as a fish which is also a creature associated with calm.

Y11 students painted it in a one day workshop. In pairs they made a design on a small piece of paper. Later they joined with another pair and combined their designs to work as a group of 4. Then they divided the wall area between two groups of 4 to make large sketches on the surface to plan out our area.

The result is extremely beautiful. Great job guys!

Participants: Claudia San Emeterio, Claudia Solano, Carla Ortiz, Keira Woods, Sara Lastrucci, Nicholas Cundiff, Lidia Rubio, Emily Caldy.

Keys to the success of the British model

On October 31st, SUR.es published a report about Novaschool Sunland International, the British School of the Novaschool Group located in Cártama (Málaga).

We can read the interview with the head of the school, Ms. Evans, who gives us they keys to the success of the British model that Novaschool Sunland International practices.

Here is the link to the publication Report – Interview Novaschool Sunland International

Fin de curso 2013/2014

Como ya va siendo tradición en Novaschool Sunland International, nuestros alumnos de A-Level se despiden de la que ha sido su segunda casa de una forma original, intentando transmitir en tan sólo unos minutos la esencia de lo aprendido todos estos años.

Así han querido sorprender a sus familiares y amigos, sin escatimar en sonrisas, diversión y buen humor, con la participación de todo el personal y alumnos/as del centro y a ritmo de buena música. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis al igual que nosotros.

Os dejamos unas palabras del principal responsable de haber hecho posible esta sorpresa, Luca De Haro Pishoudt (alumno de Year 13)

Cuando Mister Kennedy me propuso la realización de este proyecto, pensé que iba a ser una tarea difícil y complicada ya que debía participar gran parte de este colegio. Pero una vez más todos, alumnos y personal, han demostrado que somos Sunland porque no hace falta pedirnos una sonrisa, como dice la canción because we are Happy.

Me siento muy orgulloso de haber realizado este trabajo y de que todo el mundo pueda conocernos a través de él. Personalmente me he ocupado de la grabación, realización y montaje, pero también he contado con la ayuda de algunos alumnos que me han acompañado con la música mientras grababa.

Gracias a todos