Back to school mural painting

A mural is an artistic way of spreading a feeling of positivity.

With today’s Covid-19 Protocols influencing school routine, where students cannot move around freely between classes we chose and area where all students pass on a daily basis to welcome them back to school. We wanted to use natural forms and calming colours to create a feeling joyfulness and positivity about being back at school.

The artist we used for inspiration was Ashley Mary, an American artist who creates murals in public places. The students particularly liked her work.

Students needed to re-establish their confidence when working with practical materials.What is more, developing a good atmosphere in the group as sharing and talking about their artwork is a big part of the IGCSE Art subject.

It’s hard for students to understand how Art is marked and graded so by using the process in a project that was less individual they could better understand how to use them in their own work. Working as a group, following teacher guidance, students worked through the creative process and  the assessment objectives by which their IGCSE is evaluated.

They studied the artist’s work and selected the shapes, colours and compositions from her work that would fit best with our school. They also looked at natural forms and shapes found around our school that we could include.

We wanted a rainbow as it is a symbol that has been used a lot during the pandemic, also the crescent sun on the Sunland logo and shapes of leaves that we see around our school. The wall is near the swimming pool so we wanted to include elements of water such as a fish which is also a creature associated with calm.

Y11 students painted it in a one day workshop. In pairs they made a design on a small piece of paper. Later they joined with another pair and combined their designs to work as a group of 4. Then they divided the wall area between two groups of 4 to make large sketches on the surface to plan out our area.

The result is extremely beautiful. Great job guys!

Participants: Claudia San Emeterio, Claudia Solano, Carla Ortiz, Keira Woods, Sara Lastrucci, Nicholas Cundiff, Lidia Rubio, Emily Caldy.

Novaschool Sunland International will hold the 1st edition of The "Raid The Adventure" Campus

Málaga, 27th April 2012. The “Raid The Adventure” Campus will take place from 15th to 21st July in the unparalleled facilities of Novaschool Sunland International, located in the municipality of Cártama. This campus is intended for all children aged between 6 and 18 who want to experience a week of real fun.

The children can choose between the external regimen, where they go home to sleep at the end of the day, or the internal regimen, where they live on campus 100% of the time, enjoying social evenings before going to rest with their peers in the spacious and comfortable campus rooms.
Thanks to the comprehensive and extensive facilities (40, 000 square metres) which Novaschool Sunland offers, boys and girls in the campus will carry out a multitude of activities; table tennis competitions, a video games room, an internet room, basketball, tennis, volleyball, fun games, a swimming pool, go-karts etc.

In addition, there will be three excursions outside of the campus facilities: Water Park, Bioparc Fuengirola and Marbella beach (6 to 13 years) and Water Park, Rio Chillar and Bolonia beach (14 to 18 years).

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Campus de Fútbol

Novaschool Añoreta acoge la 3ª Edición del Campus de Fútbol Carrasco

Málaga, 19 de abril de 2012. Los apasionados del fútbol podrán disfrutar de nuevo este verano en las magnificas instalaciones del Colegio Novaschool Añoreta, el Campus de élite de Fútbol Carrasco ‘La fabrica de los sueños’, dirigido a niños y niñas con edades comprendidas entre 6 y 16 años y que se llevará a cabo del 24 de junio al 1 de julio. Además, como novedad este año creará un grupo exclusivo de jugadoras.

El objetivo principal y primordial de este campus es combinar la enseñanza técnico – táctica deportiva, la educación extradeportiva y la convivencia a través de la práctica del fútbol.

Como viene siendo habitual, los campistas podrán elegir entre régimen externo, donde una vez finalizada la jornada el jugador regresará a casa para dormir. o interno, donde podrá vivir el campus al 100%, disfrutando de las veladas nocturnas antes de irse a descansar con sus compañeros/as en las amplias y confortables habitaciones del campus.

Además de la práctica del futbol, los/as jugadores/as participarán y disfrutarán de competiciones de tenis de mesa , sala de videojuegos, sala de Internet, baloncesto, tenis, voleibol, juegos de animación, piscina, karts… incluidas tres salidas fuera de las instalaciones de Novaschool Añoreta como son el cine,parque acuático y playa.



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