Year 4 Activities

In Year 4H English, students have been learning how to write a List Poem.

All of the students contributed to a list poem that Miss Helen collated together at the end. It contains a sentence from each student which summarises their thoughts and feelings and also what treasure means to them individually. What an amazing poem- well done students in 4H!

They also tried to write a whole poem by themselves, and here you can find some examples of their creativity and effort:



We couldn’t celebrate France Day or Italy Day together in school, so Y4H decided to do it through Art!

Here are some magnificent examples!


At the end of April, it was St George’s Day. We read the story of George and the Dragon and we drew powerful dragon images.

In English, we enjoyed writing instructions. Here are the instructions for a delicious sandwich! Why don’t you try making it?



Flying Frogs

‘The Sound of Sunland recorded their first Christmas Album at Flying Frogs Recording Studio. Get ready for it’s release! The Cd’s will be on sale during the KS2 presentation.



Foundation meeting

Parents of children in Foundation were invited to attend a meeting in which they could meet teachers, as well as become familiar with how this area of the school works. The presentations were given by the teachers and were very informative. Meanwhile, the teachers were also pleased at how happy the children seem to be as they all went off to play, supervised by other teachers, without any problem.

We´d like to thank parents for attending, as well as our teachers for putting the time in to prepare these presentations.

Parents Welcome Presentation

Novaschool Sunland attends a NABSS conference

Novaschool Sunland International is a member of NABSS (The National Association of British Schools in Spain) and as such keeps close contact with the association order to provide great standards at the school. Recently, Mr. Ian Wormald, the Primary Maths´ Coordinator, took a weekend trip to Seville where he attended a NABSS conference about Maths on behalf of the school. The conference provided ideas and resources, as well as warm up activities for mental arithmetic skills.

The school would like to give a huge thanks to Mr. Wormald who gave up some of his own time to attend, as well as NABSS for offering the conference.

Reception news

The topic for Reception is “How Does Your Garden Grow?” We cut up lots of fruit, took out the seeds for planting and made a fruit salad. It was delicious and nutritious! We planted the seeds in pots and have found out that they need good soil, sunlight and water. We are going to look after the seeds until they grow big enough to plant in the school garden.

Dona tu móvil

`Dona Tu Móvil´ es una campaña organizada por  Cruz Roja Española y por Entreculturas, dirigida a los usuarios de móviles y que persigue dos grandes objetivos: acción social y cuidado medioambiental.
Si en las pasadas navidades te regalaron un móvil, puedes reciclar el que ya no utilices y depositarlo en la caja que hay en la Secretaría del centro. De esta forma, ayudarás a mejorar las condiciones de vida de personas vulnerables en otras partes del mundo.
Mediante la campaña Dona Tu Móvil los beneficios obtenidos por el reciclaje de móviles generan ingresos que se destinan a proyectos de desarrollo y de educación entre los colectivos más desfavorecidos. Al mismo tiempo, colaboramos con el cuidado del medioambiente, a través de la reutilización y el reciclaje.

Anímate, y si tienes algún móvil que no utilices, deposítalo en Secretaría. Este  pequeño esfuerzo por parte de todos será de gran utilidad para personas de todo el mundo.


The Primary and Secondary school of Novaschool Sunland International are on the same site but with separate teaching areas. The main secondary classes are housed in a one storey building situated near to the swimming pool. The students use specialist science laboratory, ICT, music and art rooms in the main building. The dining room is shared with the primary students but lunches take place at different times.

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