Letter from the Novaschool CEO

Francisco Barrionuevo Canto

In mid-2009 I made the most important decision in my long business career – to enter the mainstream education sector. Thereafter, the entire management team saw a chance to create a socially sustainable project of excellence which was missing in the educational system of that time.

We began to be aware of the importance of promoting an attitude of hard-work and effort in our students and teachers alike and this forms part of the Novaschool identity by remembering what Thomas Edison said: “genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” Indeed, the Spanish society is facing enormous challenges and education must provide the answers in a world which is constantly changing and transforming.

Generally speaking, this is about an educational policy capable of giving our students a set of skills, attitudes, aptitudes and practices so that, at the end of their school life, they can approach university with excitement as well as relative ease; all this due to the experiences and skills acquired at school. We act as an interlude with a method of teaching supported by a pairing of technology and entrepreneurship, amongst many other elements we could note.

This is our desideratum, to maximise the academic achievement of our students through a new educational model which is compatible with personal success, without losing sight of the fact that the student´s mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled (Plutarch).

In other words, when our students finish their high school education, they will become men and women who give their maximum whilst also being happy as there is no greater motivation than simply seeing your dreams fulfilled through daily enthusiasm and perseverance.

All these considerations led to a plan of action by a large multidisciplinary team which gradually designed, shaped and implemented the Novaschool model. Today I am proud to say that this model is applied in ten Novaschool centres which are spread across different geographic locations: Novaschool Añoreta – Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga), Novaschool Sunland – Cártama (5 minutes from the Technology Park), Novaschool Benalmádena (15 metres from Xanit Hospital), Novaschool San Pedro – Marbella (San Pedro de Alcántara), Novaschool Malaga Centre (50 metres from the El Ejido Málaga University Campus), Novaschool Granada and Novaschool Arrecife (Canary Islands).

Novaschool has generated its own personal culture supported by a program consistent in bilingualism, whilst promoting sports as a basis for personal growth and theatre and music to develop values and creativity. At the same time, charity and the environment are promoted through various projects. Behind each of these proposals are investigation projects, programs of continuous teacher training and an unprecedented provision of equipment and resources to support a whole new philosophy of education. Above all, there is an answer to a commitment acquired with the educational community of each school.

We are aware that not all is done and that there is still a way to go; this is why Novaschool educators work on a daily basis with bold enthusiasm on our educational model´s optimisation as well as its continual improvement.

I thank you for your trust and your time.

Kind regards.

Francisco Barrionuevo
Novaschool Chief Executive Officer

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