Musical 2022: Hansel & Gretel…As Never Told Before

On Wednesday, June 15th, we open our new musical ‘Hansel & Gretel… As Never Told Before’ in the facilities of the British Centre Novaschool Sunland at 19h.

Tickets are already on sale for a price of € 5 with drink included.

Music, theatre and arts are a very important part of our British curriculum: it is fundamental for the training and development of students, since, thanks to them, they are free, cultured, critical, tolerant and sensitive people.

At Novaschool Sunland we have organised for several years a musical where the entire Secondary stage is involved in some way through the music band, singers, dancers, actors, props and production.

These shows are open to the public and the full capacity is assured. Throughout the year, after the auditions, students strive to give their best in these productions. The students of IGCSE and A-Levels of Art perform the props, those of Music and Choir complement the orchestra and the vocals, those of Theater are opt for a leading role, although it may happen that some Primary pupils can participate thanks to their precocious talent.

We invite you to enjoy this special show. We are very excited about this event since, due to the circumstances, we have not been able to perform a musical during the last two years.

You can buy the tickets by clicking here: BUY TICKETS

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