Cambridge International Examinations Collaboration

Novaschool Sunland International (Malaga) is currently collaborating with CIE Technological Department in piloting a new App that could revolutionise the way all international school deliver the Cambridge syllabi.

At the moment when students have mock exams teachers use past exam papers that contain a fixed set of questions. The idea behind the App is to allow teachers to create a mock exam paper for a particular syllabus on demand and only covering the components/questions they have covered to date.

This should allow teachers to perform a series of smaller, mock tests throughout the year. Allowing them to see how the class is absorbing a particular topic and even help identity students who need extra support to complete the syllabus. Teachers would also be able to print the entire paper at any time.

This will be available on both Android/iPhone but also accessible via the web.

These are exciting time and Novaschool, once again, is at the forefront of new technological advances.