Irene Bejarano from Year 9 is passionate about reading and writing, in fact she has decided to make a career out of it. To help achieve this dream Irene uses an online application called, ‘Wattpad’ in which amateur writers upload their work and share comments with other people.
We are all very proud of Irene and hope to read one of her books in the future! Click here to see more pictures.

Visit from Raúl Vacas

Last Monday 16th of April our students had the pleasure to receive in their classes the visit of the writer coming from Salamanca Raúl Vacas, whose works are interesting, different and so very attractive for young people.

In Secondary our students had a great time with his very personal exposition of daily elements that actually are part of our normal lives but that can also hide a magic, surprising face.

Raúl performed a very dynamic and entertaining act. Our students really enjoyed and we are sure that, from now on, they do think that words are more interesting, and that they agree, as us, that “Read together is grow together”.