Seminar ‘Career Plan’

Students at Novaschool Sunland International attend a seminar focused on their future.

This morning our Sixth Form students attended the “Career Plan” seminar at Novaschool Sunland International Assembly Hall.

This event has been organised by our SEND team made up of three professionals with extensive experience: Gema Palma (Coordinator), José María del Río (psychologist) and Ana Mª Martín (educational counsellor).

Our CEO of Novaschool Educational Centres, Francisco Barrionuevo, has been the main speaker of the seminar. The purpose of his intervention was to provide first hand advice so that our students can find out which university career best suits their ambitions.


The components of our SEND team planned and made a speech with the aim of providing students with information about the university system and the labour market. In order for each student to achieve their goals, they must be supported and motivated – so that they have more alternatives at their disposal when choosing their career.

From Novaschool Sunland International of course we wish them a successful future and we do our best to prepare them according to our academic excellence. In fact, most of our ex-students are currently studying at prestigious universities located in Spain and abroad.

We are very proud of them and of the results they have achieved after finishing their studies here with us.

Now we all wish a luck to all the participants who have attended the seminar today!