Language immersion programme in Canada for the 2021-2022 school year

Novaschool Sunland International presents its linguistic immersion programme in Canada.

Last Friday, March 19th, a meeting was held for parents to explain the linguistic immersion programme that will take place during the next school year in Canada. Together with Ken’s Education Group, we have developed this new project in such a welcoming, tolerant and multicultural country. Therefore, respect, understanding and tolerance are the fundamental principles of Canadian identity.

Canada’s creative and innovative culture makes it the ideal place to study abroad, it is a very attractive educational destination. In addition, it is one of the safest locations to live. As a bilingual country, students will have the opportunity to learn English and French while enjoying a model of coexistence and civic, moral and ethical education.

This programme is intended for students between the age of 15 and 17 years old who have an adequate level of English with a good academic record and is designed for one term. Students will be able to experience one of the best educational systems enhancing their creativity, autonomy and talent.

Canadian schools offer high-quality teaching with a comprehensive and varied curriculum. Education is not only limited to its academic aspects, but also includes a broad set of personal skills, values and skills. Comprehensive student education is a national priority, and the main goal is to achieve maximum performance at all levels.

All programs are developed in the province of Ontario and schools are located in the Limestone district, in the historic city of Kingston. It is located at the mouth of Lake Ontario and combines a small-town feel with many amenities typical of a restless and innovative community.

Students will stay with a pre-selected Canadian host family that is part of a network of local families that offers many benefits: a protected living environment, a gateway to experience Canadian life up close and the opportunity to develop the language through a total linguistic immersion.

Students will be able to continue their optional after-school and sports activities after the end of the school day. They will also be able to join clubs and student associations to take part in cultural and entertainment activities. Besides, our programme also includes a free excursion to Niagara Falls and Toronto.

This unforgettable experience will allow them to broaden their horizons, create a network of international friendships and contacts by reinforcing their independence daily.

Here you have the dossier with all the information related to this project.

For any queries you can contact Alfonso Avila, the project coordinator , by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 677 705 280.

Dossier Canada