School Dining Room

Our British school in Malaga has a dining room that covers the needs of all our students with different menus adapted to suit their dietary requirements and ages.

The food on our menus is cooked entirely in our own kitchen following the Mediterranean diet, providing the key nutrients of a healthy and balanced diet.

In our dining room we serve more than 600 homemade meals daily. This is very rewarding for students, staff and especially families. In addition, fresh agricultural products produced locally (where possible) are used, according to seasons.

Every day several types of menus are cooked to meet the different needs of celiac, vegetarian or allergy students. We ensure that our service is carried out with the acquisition of good habits and the educational staff accompanies students in this process. In this way, the dining room is a powerful nutritional education tool, where you can educate and guide in the acceptance and consumption of healthy and tasty dishes typical of our culture and region.

Menu cycles in our school canteen

Our menu is designed by a professional with proven training and experience, according to the nutritional needs of each and every one of our students. With the right amount of calories, correct proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and with the vitamin and mineral content needed for development.

Novaschool sets 3 menu cycles throughout the school year. The recipes contained in each one are adapted to the current season and seasonal products:

  • Autumn Menu Cycle
  • Winter Menu Cycle
  • Spring Menu Cycle

Through myAgora+ platform families can check the daily menu.

World Menus Project

We incorporate once a month “the menus of the world” where we introduce typical dishes related to the chosen country (each month a different one). Through the dynamics of the “menu of the world”, students try new flavours in addition to learning something new about the country through participating in activities in the educational field to delve into greater cultural aspects of the chosen country.


All menus have been prepared taking into account the current regulations of the Ministry of Health.

We benefit of the support and collaboration of external auditors, who periodically carry out the necessary audits to achieve the quality of the processes and service.

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