Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme

Interview with Rachel Evans, Principal of Novaschool Sunland International, in order to promote the success of the implementation of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, which makes us an international reference school and case study.

Throughout this interview, we can appreciate the magnitude of the work being carried out, not only at Novaschool Sunland International, but as well in the entire Novaschool Educational Group, in everything having to do with the introduction of the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, thus becoming an international referent.

Novaschool Sunland International Principal, Rachel Evans, is a reference person within the educational ensemble in everything related to the Cambridge programs. This provides us all the necessary to adjust to the reality of each of our Novaschool centers with successful programs related to the establishment of dual English education.

Rachel Evans has vast experience in the educational sector, as well as consistent academic background. Graduated in Wales (UK) from Cardiff University, she got a bachelor’s degree with honors specializing in teaching English as a first language, literature and drama.

In constant professional and academic growth, she is also an Edexcel Assessment Associate for English, GCSE, a Cambridge International Examination verifier for IGCSE First Language English and IGCSE Drama too. Besides, she collaborated with Collins Publishing House in the United Kingdom and worked on two international books (IGCSE English and AS/ A Level English Literature). Lately she developed a NABSS training program and has been nominated as inspector of NABSS.