“Oh, no!!  What has happened?  Miss Shelley, our classroom!  We can´t go in!”

This was meant to be any other, normal Tuesday morning at Novaschool Sunland.

As the photo shows, however, Year 4 teachers and children were shocked and confused upon arriving at their classrooms to begin their English lessons. There had been what looked like a robbery and the police had taped the room to prevent entry!

The TRUTH behind the staged “robbery” was that the teachers of Year 4 wanted to create emotion, inspire the children to speak and think and ultimately write about their feelings on encountering the scene, as part of our English curriculum.

The children were quite honestly brilliant; the descriptive words they came up with and their intelligent and insightful conversations immediately following seeing the scene, were a revelation.  Our aim was to inspire and enthuse and we think we achieved this!

Thank you, Year 4; fabulous children!

Miss Shelley and Miss Kath