VIII Festival of Chrismas traditions


Novaschool Sunland International is proud to announce that the Primary Choir will be performing at this year´s annual Festival of Christmas Traditions in Arroyo de la Miel.  Don´t miss your chance to see our children perform in the Plaza de la Mezquita at 11.30 on the morning of Saturday the 10th December.  We look forward to seeing you!’

11:00 Children’s Choir Santo Domingo de Guzman

11:30 Choir form Sunland International Novaschool

12:00 Banana Studios

12:30 Presentation of all the countries/associations

13:00 Norwegian School

13:30 Danzamanía

14:00 Musical from Russian speaking countries

14:30 The Welsh Society

15:00 Philippine Folk Dancers

15:30 Braveheart, Scotland

16:00 Tango from Argentina

16:30 Music from Colombia

17:00 Java from France

17:30 Celtic Dancers

18:00 Touch of Class

18:30 Verana from California

19:00 Mexican Folclore

19:30 Bolly Danz from India

20:00 Music from Venezuela

20:30 Music and dance from Chile

21:00 Cuban Show

21:30 Ballet Africain Sunugal from Senegal

22:00 Capoeira and batucada from Brasil