Technology and Innovation in the classroom

To innovate is to move forward, to stay one step ahead, to be alive. To create, to grow, to not conform to what already exists, to seek and find new and better routes on the journey. At Novaschool Sunland International, innovation is one of our banners, because in education, consistently offering the latest advances to our students and their families is more than a necessity, it´s an obligation. Therefore, at Novaschool Sunland International we move forward looking to the future, whilst taking advantage of tradition to step forward in innovation.

We innovate. Novaschool Sunland International has absorbed the new challenges which come through the ever-changing educational stage and the introduction of Information and Communication Technology in the teaching process. Novaschool has created the MyAgora+ program which has meant that multimedia in teaching has successfully been implemented in our schools. However, multimedia in our education has a fundamental difference compared to other similar projects to modernise classrooms in public and private schools and this is that MyÁgora+ embraces and extends all isolated initiatives that have been developed elsewhere (provision of laptops, training, digital displays, digitalised material …), creating a new methodology and concept.  ‘Ágora.0’ is itself a set of actions and tools that are used for everything related to digital education delivered by Novaschool and is based on three principals: MyÁgora+ Access (online platform for direct communication between parents, students and teachers), MyÁgora+ Brains and MyÁgora+ Family. This creates a multimedia world in which students, teachers and parents can interact, communicate and stay up to date through the convenience that technology offers.

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