Fun Day ‘Under the Sea’

At Novaschool Sunland International we believe it is important to balance theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Therefore, our teaching team often organises special activities for students to acquire additional skills while developing their creativity.

Today, our Year 3 students participated in the workshop ‘Under the Sea’ organised by the two class tutors, Miss Naomi and Miss Sarah, and delivered by Francisco José Pinto De La Rosa.

Mr. Pinto is an expert in sharks and author of the book ‘Tiburones del Mar de Alborán’ published by the Diputación de Málaga in 1998. His talk aims to bring children closer to these fascinating creatures who have been populating the oceans and seas of the world for about 400 million years almost without evolving.

After this event we dedicated the rest of the day to participating in different crafts related to this topic in order to stimulate the creative and practical side.

It’s been a very fun and interesting experience.

We hope to repeat it soon!

Pupils in Year 6 and Year 7 tell stories to younger students

Málaga,12th February. In the “Storytelling” workshop in lengua class, the idea of telling stories to students of other ages came about. This consisted of telling a story and carrying out an activity related with the story for students of younger classes.

The students were free to choose a subject in order to create their own story. These stories were so good that the teacher is thinking of entering them in various narrative competitions. This motivated the students a lot and made them very happy.