Back to school mural painting

A mural is an artistic way of spreading a feeling of positivity.

With today’s Covid-19 Protocols influencing school routine, where students cannot move around freely between classes we chose and area where all students pass on a daily basis to welcome them back to school. We wanted to use natural forms and calming colours to create a feeling joyfulness and positivity about being back at school.

The artist we used for inspiration was Ashley Mary, an American artist who creates murals in public places. The students particularly liked her work.

Students needed to re-establish their confidence when working with practical materials.What is more, developing a good atmosphere in the group as sharing and talking about their artwork is a big part of the IGCSE Art subject.

It’s hard for students to understand how Art is marked and graded so by using the process in a project that was less individual they could better understand how to use them in their own work. Working as a group, following teacher guidance, students worked through the creative process and  the assessment objectives by which their IGCSE is evaluated.

They studied the artist’s work and selected the shapes, colours and compositions from her work that would fit best with our school. They also looked at natural forms and shapes found around our school that we could include.

We wanted a rainbow as it is a symbol that has been used a lot during the pandemic, also the crescent sun on the Sunland logo and shapes of leaves that we see around our school. The wall is near the swimming pool so we wanted to include elements of water such as a fish which is also a creature associated with calm.

Y11 students painted it in a one day workshop. In pairs they made a design on a small piece of paper. Later they joined with another pair and combined their designs to work as a group of 4. Then they divided the wall area between two groups of 4 to make large sketches on the surface to plan out our area.

The result is extremely beautiful. Great job guys!

Participants: Claudia San Emeterio, Claudia Solano, Carla Ortiz, Keira Woods, Sara Lastrucci, Nicholas Cundiff, Lidia Rubio, Emily Caldy.

Flying Frogs

The students from the Sunland Secondary School Choir have recorded their first ever album! Last week they travelled to Flying Frogs professional recording studio in Estepona and recorded 5 songs, which will be available for purchase this coming Saturday at the summer fayre. Here is a sneak preview of some of our talented youngsters recording their songs. Prepare to be amazed!!!

Fin de curso 2013/2014

Como ya va siendo tradición en Novaschool Sunland International, nuestros alumnos de A-Level se despiden de la que ha sido su segunda casa de una forma original, intentando transmitir en tan sólo unos minutos la esencia de lo aprendido todos estos años.

Así han querido sorprender a sus familiares y amigos, sin escatimar en sonrisas, diversión y buen humor, con la participación de todo el personal y alumnos/as del centro y a ritmo de buena música. Esperamos que lo disfrutéis al igual que nosotros.

Os dejamos unas palabras del principal responsable de haber hecho posible esta sorpresa, Luca De Haro Pishoudt (alumno de Year 13)

Cuando Mister Kennedy me propuso la realización de este proyecto, pensé que iba a ser una tarea difícil y complicada ya que debía participar gran parte de este colegio. Pero una vez más todos, alumnos y personal, han demostrado que somos Sunland porque no hace falta pedirnos una sonrisa, como dice la canción because we are Happy.

Me siento muy orgulloso de haber realizado este trabajo y de que todo el mundo pueda conocernos a través de él. Personalmente me he ocupado de la grabación, realización y montaje, pero también he contado con la ayuda de algunos alumnos que me han acompañado con la música mientras grababa.

Gracias a todos

The parents of Sunland International Novaschool have valued the school with a grade of 8 out of 10, therefore the average score has increased in comparison with the previous year.

The survey which was created from the response of parents has improved perceptions about Novaschool Sunland International; increasing its score in several of the sections analysed. The final score has increased by half a point on the academic year 2011/2012. Overall, the average score is 7.99 out of ten, compared with 7.55 in the previous year.
The data in this survey which was analysed in March this year, gives a higher score to the teaching of language, educational quality and the facilities of the school, including transportation and dining.
You can view the survey results here: