Language immersion programme in Ireland for the 2021-2022 school year

Novaschool Educational Group presents its language immersion linguistic project in Ireland.

For Novaschool Sunland International, as a British school, learning English plays a key role in our educational project. Therefore, we have developed this programme through our Language Department with the aim of offering a total linguistic immersion so that students can practice and assimilate the language in the most natural way.

Last Monday 15th March, a meeting was held for parents to explain the linguistic immersion programme that will take place during the next school year in Ireland. Ireland is a very welcoming and safe country, ideal for students who want to have their first experience of living abroad.

This programme is aimed at secondary students who have a good level of English and an excellent academic record with all the subjects from the previous year passed:

  • Year 7 students who are interested will be able to leave for up to two months of exchange
  • Year 8 and 9 can choose between a semester or the full school year

Through this project our students live a ‘complete’ experience, at the academic and personal level, that allows them to broaden horizons and mature. They attend official schools with a fully compatible education system which allows them to continue their studies enjoying a total immersion in Irish life and culture.

The program includes staying with families residing near Connaught County schools, having gone through an exhaustive selection process. The stay also includes food, books, uniforms… everything necessary for students to live in the Irish environment.

Here you have the dossier with all the information related to this project.

For any queries you can contact Alfonso Avila, the project coordinator , by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 677 705 280.


Sustainable school through #SmartSchool Project

We have installed solar panels at our British centre Novaschool Sunland International to rely on sustainable energy sources.

The Novaschool model is characterised by a strong involvement with sustainability and through the project #SmartSchool we want to transfer this message to our educational community.

The group has just implemented this investment in several schools in line with the agenda of our SDS in order to educate students, showing the commitment that we pledged.

Thanks to a multitude of concerted actions, we are accomplishing  an ambitious modernisation plan with the aim of reducing the environmental impact through renewable energies and self-consumption. This investment brings different additional benefits, not only at the financial level, but in respect of our commitment to the environment becoming a sustainable school.

Novaschool began implementing the #SmartSchool project for the first time at the end of 2018 at our headquarters in Añoreta, in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) and has gradually expanded in the other centres. Here at Novaschool Sunland International we have launched the installation of 74 solar panels.

Through this solar energy plant we can generate clean solar energy, our green energy by the hand of the Quantum group, specialists in photovoltaic self-consumption installations. This is a very important milestone for our school because we will generate the energy we need during the day in classrooms, pool engines, lighting etc.

We also have an inverter with a maximum capacity of 69 kilowatts because we understand that the campus can grow in the future. In this way, we can inject into the mains the surplus generated by our 33 kilowatt facility that is not being consumed.

The 74 Astro Energy panels that make up our current solar energy plant have been placed on top of the Primary & Foundation building with a reinforced metal face structure that can be supported and well developed having minimal visual impact within what is the building.

Here you have the link of the official presentation of our CEO Francisco Barrionuevo:

2021 Charity Calendar

Novaschool Sunland International has begun 2021 with something completely new: our charity calendar!

We are delighted to announce that our charity calendar is now available for sale through our online shop and costs 10 euros. The calendar is printed on satin A3 paper and includes photos of all our Secondary Year Groups. Each month has, in addition to the photos, motivating phrases and also free spaces so that you can write down special events, meetings etc.

This project begun because our students were looking for a way to help those who are suffering as a result of the current health crisis. Therefore, all the money raised will go to a local charity, Madre Concha, which supports all those people who are in need here in Cártama.

As in the previous term we were unable to organise trips or excursions; therefore, we took some time out of the day to dedicate ourselves to this project. During the months of October, November and December, alternative school days were organised to give our students the opportunity to take pictures on the school campus.

It was a very fun way to boost teamwork skills and foster creativity, while raising money for an important charity.

You can purchase the calendar through the following link:

Calendario Sunland/School Calendar – Novaschool Sunland Store