Irene Bejarano from Year 9 is passionate about reading and writing, in fact she has decided to make a career out of it. To help achieve this dream Irene uses an online application called, ‘Wattpad’ in which amateur writers upload their work and share comments with other people.
We are all very proud of Irene and hope to read one of her books in the future! Click here to see more pictures.

Year 10 Debate

In Lengua, the Year 10 students have participated in a debate, the theme of which was ‘Graffiti, for or against?’
They divided into two teams, the captains of which were Jaime Balsera and Lourdes Lucas. The judges were Megan Preece, Juan Antonio Fernadez and Anabel Napper. There were moments when the debate became red hot and there were non-stop interventions from our students, interventions loaded with well-argued opinions, illustrated through videos and images by both teams.
In particular, we would like to acknowledge both team captains who coordinated the work of each and every team member, as well as completing their own tasks. A big ‘Well Done!’, everyone. Because of the seriousness which you have shown us towards your work and for being so passionate in all the activities that have been presented to you, we would like to propose an A* for all Year 10 students. Click here to see more pictures.