Earth Day 2021

At Novaschool Sunland International we promote and teach our students values related to environmental care, recycling and sustainability.

Last Thursday, April 22nd, we celebrated the Earth Day at all levels. We are aware that today more than ever we need a shift towards a more sustainable economy for people and the planet.

Therefore, it is important to raise students’ awareness of the health of our ecosystems that underpin all forms of life on Earth. This depends directly on the health of the planet and its inhabitants, so it is essential to act.

Preventing, stopping and reversing ecosystem degradation across continents and oceans is now a priority. Restoring means combating climate change and ending poverty.

In order to raise awareness of our students we have organized different activities and lessons dedicated to this topic that have been developed throughout the school day.

For example, our Primary pupils have made Earth suncatchers and they have been learning about our planet through ‘Famous Explorers’ history topic.

Meanwhile, Secondary students took part in a Kahoot during the Science class and did a scavenger hunt around the school grounds to find examples of biodiversity.

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”