Y8 School Magazine

At Novaschool Sunland International we enhance an innovative spirit from all fields of knowledge to students and teachers.

Both are committed to the creative and flexible development of the teaching-learning process through the application of new methodologies and tools to transform education at all levels.

Our teachers become levers of change through reasearch and continuous training, increasingly integrating new information and communication technologies into the classroom – always fostering creativity.

In Y8, students have been learning how to write magazine articles, as well as considering the different ways that writers catch the attention of their readers.

As a final project to sum up the unit, pupils worked in groups to create their own digital magazine on the theme of ‘Hobbies’ using an online design application.

We selected the best magazines to share with you here. Have a look!

School Magazine (canva.com)

The Hobby Magazine (canva.com)