Y8 School Magazine

At Novaschool Sunland International we enhance an innovative spirit from all fields of knowledge to students and teachers.

Both are committed to the creative and flexible development of the teaching-learning process through the application of new methodologies and tools to transform education at all levels.

Our teachers become levers of change through reasearch and continuous training, increasingly integrating new information and communication technologies into the classroom – always fostering creativity.

In Y8, students have been learning how to write magazine articles, as well as considering the different ways that writers catch the attention of their readers.

As a final project to sum up the unit, pupils worked in groups to create their own digital magazine on the theme of ‘Hobbies’ using an online design application.

We selected the best magazines to share with you here. Have a look!

School Magazine (canva.com)

The Hobby Magazine (canva.com)

Sketchbook Circle 2021

At Novaschool Sunland International we are aware of the importance of being creative in order to adapt to this changing world. One of our main aims is the wellbeing of our teachers, therefore, our projects don’t only involve students, but also staff.

Miss Jenny, our art teacher, has been  participating in a monthly sketchbook exchange with other art teachers since last year. It has proven to be a constant and calming practice, so that she set up a similar exchange among interested colleagues for the remainder of this academic year.

Anyone can join this project, because EVERYONE can draw! Making time for creating is something that many people, ‘arty’ or not, can enjoy and Benefit from – especially during these uncertain times.

Once teachers decide to join in, they commit to it until the end of term. Each month the amount of drawings will differ because anyone can make as much as he/she like. There are no rules about how to fill the pages.

Everyone can create a title page, put a stamp, make a collage, colour, paint, print, stitching etc. The most important thing is to keep the ‘conversation’ going. The process continues throughout the year, at the end of which everyone receives his/her own completed book back to keep.

Teachers should get a small sketchbook, A5 or A6, and start drawing. There is no specific theme but Miss Jenny suggested some prompts as for example moments of peace, coming home, collections, tools and utensils or whatever. At the end of the month all participants will pass their book onto another person.

In the absence of having an introduction workshop, Miss Jenny prepared a ‘welcome pack’ for each participant in order to give additional ideas and share encouragement. We also set up a WhatsApp group to share pictures and snippets of what we are making.

Let’s draw!

Art classes at Novaschool Sunland

Art and visual language are all around us everyday.

At Novaschool Sunland International we believe that art is a vital class in our curriculum, creativity is without any doubt a skill that can be learned and developed throughout the education and beyond.

These kind of practical classes engage students in ways that other subjects cannot; developing critical thinking, creative use of materials, embracing experimentation, not being afraid to make mistakes, all the time developing mental processs while increasing our students’ means of expression.

Through art young people can envision, experience and undestand the world on a different level. That is why art education plays a very important role as a enrichment subject, guiding and inspiring children’s mental development.

They have the opportunity to learn actively through creative and expressive activities.  Art lessons balance out more academic subjects and allow our students to recognise and appreciate different perspectives of world in which we live.

Developing and creating an original piece of Artwork involves many parts of the brain and builds deep cognitive connections.  Students learn to respond to the world around them, what they see and experience, each in their own individual way.  Creating art brings a great sense of achievement, students are motivated by developing their own ideas and in turn learn more about themselves, their own and other cultures.

At Novaschool Sunland International, students build upon their artistic skills every year, continuing to develop and refining their use of visual language,  their understanding of art history and visual communication. Here you a have a short list of some of the projects we did recently many of which were specifically designed to help students to respond life in the pandemic: