School community

Please make sure that all school clothing is clearly marked with your child´s name.

Forbidden Items

Chewing gum and electronic equipment are forbidden.


For safety reasons we ask that children do not wear jewellery to school. A child may wear a watch. If your child has pierced ears then please make sure that they only wear studs in school. Children are not permitted to wear nail polish.


In keeping with the school uniform children are expected to arrive at school with a smart appearance. For health reasons we prefer that children with long hair arrive in school with it neatly tied back in a pony tail or plait etc.

Mobile Telephones

Students are discouraged from bringing mobiles to school, in the event of an emergency the school telephone can be used as the form of contact between home and the child. If your child does have a mobile telephone, it must be switched off during the school day and be kept inside his or her bag at all times. All bus monitors have mobile phones that are used as a form of communication at the end of the school day by both the school and parents.


Students should not ordinarily bring money to school. However, if the occasion does arise (eg trips or personal reasons) they are responsible for their own money which should be in a small purse, clearly labelled with their name.

Money sent to school for fees, uniform or trips should be placed in a clearly marked envelope and given either to the class teacher or office staff upon arrival. Please use exact change where possible.