Satisfaction Surveys

Our Commitment
It is very important to know the satisfaction of our students and their families with our school from both an educational level and the services that we offer (transportation, dining room, extracurricular activities …) Novaschool’s department of ​​Quality and Environment control conduct different satisfaction surveys to the different interest groups that make up our educational community.

Below is the Novaschool Sunland International Family Satisfaction Report for the 2016-2017 academic year: Satisfaction Report course 2016-2017

The methodology used for the measurement of family satisfaction in Novaschool Sunland is recognised in the documentation of the integrated quality and environmental management system. It deviates: minimum number of people to be surveyed so that the results are representative, via a use for conducting the survey (newspaper, telephone, online), periodicity of surveys, surveys, valuation criteria and actions to take After the exploitation and analysis of the results. All that with a unique purpose: to offer the best service and the best quality in educational, business and personal to all the public that concern to Novaschool Sunland.

From the Quality and Environment Area of ​​the school, together with the Novaschool Sunland Management team, the questionnaire is elaborated which covers all the areas that make up the school (facilities, teaching, dining, etc.). Families through our myAgora + . For several weeks, specifically from May 2 to 31, families have the possibility of answering a total of 23 questions, which should assess 1 to 5, corresponding to the goals of less satisfaction and mayor satisfaction respectively. Once Once the media score of each question is scored a scale of 1 to 10. In addition to answering this battery of questions, families can also stop suggestions, comments and / or proposals for improvement.

Once the results of the Quality Area have been extracted and analysed, they are made known to the management of the school and to the different areas involved so that they know first-hand the satisfaction of families. In addition, facing the things that are detected that obtains a lower score is carried out a process of improvement for the next course.

In this course the questions about the families (fathers and / or mothers) of Novaschool Sunland have responded indicating their degree of child satisfaction:

  1. Your satisfaction as parents with the school in general
  2. The academic level provided by the school to their children
  3. The academic and personal accompaniment that the tutor does with his / her child
  4. The fluency of communication with the educators of their children
  5. Involvement of the professional in the possible conflicts or difficulties that his / her child had
  6. The level of language training in the school
  7. The facilities and technological means that the school offers for the education of your child
  8. Level of satisfaction with the platform myAgora +
  9. The level of sports activities offered by the school
  10. The level of extracurricular cultural activities (dance, theatre, music)
  11. Information received on the organization and general functioning of the school
  12. The communication that on the duties and the studies has the parents with the teachers
  13. The attention and effectiveness of the secretariat when we have requested it
  14. The quality of the school transport, in relation to the punctuality, route, vehicle, monitor, driver, etc.
  15. The quality of the dining room, in relation to the menus, the variety, ecological products, etc.
  16. Level of cleaning in the school
  17. Level of satisfaction with the care received by the SEND department when it was necessary
  18. Considers that the information received on sports activities at the school is sufficient
  19. How do you value the attention and management of the management team (Principal, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Foundation Coordinator)?
  20. Would you recommend the school among your friends and family?
  21. Level of satisfaction of the English language.
  22. Level of satisfaction with IGCSE
  23. Level of reading development

The Novaschool Sunland teaching team has always distinguished itself by its involvement with its students and the direct communication with the families. Sample of these are the results obtained to the questions ” The fluency of communication with the educational tutors of their children ” punctuated with an 7,92, along with another closely related as is ” The academic and personal accompaniment that the tutor / To perform with his son “which has proved to be the highest rated with an average score of 8,06.

Another aspect that has valued the families of Novaschool Sunland is related to projects in which the school is putting special attention and effort given the importance it occupies within an innovative model such as ours.

At Novaschool we are continuously working on the development and evolution of an educational platform that includes all the tools for students, teachers and families to be connected, this is our platform myAgora+, Valued with 7´25 in the question ” Level of satisfaction with the platform myAgora+ ”.

It is important to note that the ” Overall average grade of 2016-2017 ” that our families make of Novaschool Sunland is a Noteworthy, specifically a score of 7´87, a fact that we value positively and that we take Base to continue working in this line, to continue improving and offering the maximum educational quality,  such as the ” Quality of dining room (menu, variety .. .) ” Which has obtained a 8,12.

In general, the data obtained from the 2016-2017 Satisfaction Questionnaire are really good. In Novaschool Sunland we want to give the highest quality in our services, that is why we are working on an improvement action plan on those areas that have obtained a lower score,; The ” Cleaning level of the school ” with a result of 7,66; And the ” Information received on sports activities ” scored with a score of 6,79. ‘The facilities and technological means that the school offers for the education of your child’ ‘families have responded with a score of 6.21.

Within the Quality Plan that is being addressed in the Novaschool Schools, it has launched a campaign conducting surveys to collect information on the level of satisfaction of the relatives of Novaschool Sunland International School. All it carried out by the Quality Department , which is responsible for carrying out such studies and in-depth analysis offering a clear and objective view of the satisfaction of our families.

In this report the data and analysis of the satisfaction of the known families through questionnaires conducted via on-line, to the students of the Center collected.